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Captivated by Women’s Circles Yes, I admit it – I am a circle devotee.  I have been participating in circle gatherings since the late 1980’s.  I have been a “caller of circles” most of my adult life and most recently I am a promoter of circle principles as part of groups like Gather the Women …
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Suzan Nolan

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The Black Hills Gather the Women circle began officially here in Rapid City, SD in 2004. Many of us had been in circles of various types for years before that,  but Gather the Women was launched here by me when Marilyn Nyborg called and asked me to consider starting a group. I had purchased the …
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Autumn 2014 Newsletter – GTW Annual Gathering Special

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  To view the Autumn 2014 newsletter, please click here.

New Circle in South Korea

June 2nd, 2014 | Posted by DeborahBee in Circles - (1 Comments)

By our Regional Coordinator Mary Ann Conlin in South Korea I started Gather the Women South Korea in January 2014, from scratch, with nothing except the support and experience of joining Gather the Women Canada at their annual gathering in 2013. All I knew is that the Power of Circle has the ability to shape …
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Circle Spotlight – San Diego, USA

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Circle Spotlight – San Diego, Southern California, USA   Ana Couch-Regional Coordinator for So Cal GTW I was introduced to Gather The Women a few years ago from Sharon G. Mijares  Ph.D. (who is now the Regional Coordinator for Gather The Women in Costa Rica).  I jumped at the opportunity to be the Southern California …
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Heart to Heart Newsletter February 2014

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_________________________________________________________________________________________ February 2014 Newsletter: Heart to Heart Mary Cunningham and Suzan Nolan So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart,  I shall say that life is good.   – Helen Keller In this Issue:  What’s New at GTW Featured Regional Coordinator: Marta Martinez Arrelano from Spain Resources _______________________________________________________________________________________________   What’s …
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Circle Spotlight – Liverpool, UK

February 10th, 2014 | Posted by DeborahBee in Circle Spotlight | Circles | Gather the Women - (0 Comments)

Circle Spotlight – Liverpool, UK Circle Spotlight is a new feature of our blog… An opportunity to explore the many circles of Gather the Women worldwide by focussing on one at a time and learning about the circle’s history and members. The first circle we are visiting is in Liverpool, England, UK. —————————————— ♥ —————————————— This circle …
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Canada Gathering… 01 October 2013

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Canadian Conveners’ Call January 2013

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GTW CANADA Conference Call, January 7, 2013   Diane – Please announce your full name & location when you join the call. If you can, please bring a candle to light during the circle opening, and a shawl, symbolic of the wisdom of our ancestors as well as your own to wrap around your shoulders. …
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We twelve women, each wrapped in her shawl of wisdom, were sitting in Circle in southern Arizona for our monthly GTW Gathering, always the third Thursday of each month.   The question posed for discussion was, “What do you wish you had known in your 20’s and 30’s that you know now?”   The question had no …
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