“If it is to be, it is up to me.”gtw

Gather the Women is a global community, a sisterhood of diverse women transforming distances, differences and isolation into opportunities for collaboration and leadership. We are together in this deep intention to unite the human family, and together we can make our unity visible. We are asking each one of you to help us reach out to new women:

1) Tell your friends about Gather the Women and help them register on our website.

It’s easy—just

  • Download and share our one-page flyer.
  • Email the PDF to your friends. Send one to your cousin or your best friend from high school!
  • Post the flyer on community bulletin boards.
  • Print out copies to take to local meetings and gatherings.
  • Follow your own creative impulse to help us Each One Reach One.

If only 3 women tell 3 women we have 9. If those 9 women tell 3 women we have 27. If those 27 women tell 3 women we have 81. If those 81 tell 3 women we have 243, etc. As you can see by day 18 we have 1,162,261,467 women.

This is your opportunity to be part of a powerful global transformation — all you have to do is tell three women, It is time to Gather the Women!

  1. GTW informational flyer
  2. Seeding Circles DVD Inspiring DVD to spark circle conversation
  3. GTW Logos and Letterhead
  4. Submit a press release or an article to local publications.
  5. Create and post flyers around the region.
  6. Arrange an interview with a local TV show.

2) Start a Circle in Your Area

We invite you to download our “Basic Guidelines for Calling a Circle” to help get you started.


Graphics for Publicity


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GTW Logo:

GTW Banner:

GTW Letterhead:

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