Engage Your Creativity

May 30th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Articles

Gather the Women Global MatrixTM is well aware of the incredible wisdom and creativity that is stored in the hearts of women everywhere, awaiting its expression for the good of humanity.

If you feel any activation of your talents and heart’s desires as you experience GTW, if you find yourself called to participate in any way in GTW, we few that are holding this space will welcome you with open arms.
We will come into relationship with you, cocreate in any way that is in the interest of all concerned, that continues to gather the women, that serves to activate more of the feminine wisdom so needed at this moment.

Consider reviewing what you might contribute to this mobilization of women. Are you passionate about:

  • Regular meditation/prayer support for the self-empowerment and unity of women?
  • Gathering women in your area?
  • Grant writing to support women gathering in person or online?
  • Financial strategizing for an initiative that activates women for the good of humanity?
  • Developing self-organizing web systems that allow the free flow of information and resources?
  • Other?
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