Canadian Conveners’ Call November 2012

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Canada Conveneres

Gather the Women Canada Audio Circle Conference Call November 26, 2012

Like beading a necklace, Michelle Landry – co-leader (Kanata, Ont.) welcomed in turn Pat Gagnon – scribe (Sidney, BC),  Erin Green (Calgary, Alta.), Maia Hessler (Frankford, Ont.), Jane Adamson – leader  (Fenelon Falls, Ont.) and Diane Jung – Canadian Convenor (Cameron, Ont.), and deftly crafted our Gather The Women Canada audio circle for November.

Jane welcomed everyone and opened the circle with the sound of the singing bowl, struck 3 times to bring us into the moment, and to ground us.

Saddened by the news of the death of Heather Plett’s mom, Diane read the poem, “It’s Time to Fold Up Your Tent”,  in honour of Heather, her mom Margaret, and their family.

Jane announced that our intention today was to feel and reflect on the concept of “TIME.”  “To grasp the idea of moving through Time and Space with ourselves and others, and allowing our time with others we connect with “TO BE”.  A space which unfolds naturally and is not structured or controlled, but rather coming to a place of calm and peace.  Surrendering into the moment and letting go of our own agenda.  A deep listening and focus so the other person(s) have a feeling of being valued and of being heard.  This is unconditional, honouring, feeling safe and respected.”

She then recited:


 Take time to think — thoughts are the source of power
Take time to play — play is the secret of perpetual youth
Take time to read — reading is the fountain of wisdom
Take time to Love — loving is what make living worthwhile
Take time to be friendly — friendships give life a delicious flavour
Take time to laugh — laughter is the music of the soul
Take time to give — any day of the year is too short for selfishness
Take time to do your work well — pride in your work, not matter what it is, nourishes the spirit
Take time to show appreciation — thanks is the frosting of the cake of life


To check in, we were invited to reflect upon ourselves and how we were feeling as if we were some form of water.
Michelle was feeling like ruffled waters …..overbooked…needing to slow down and feel the calmness of the depths of the  ocean.   She was feeling invited to relax and get joyousness back.
Diane was happy to be calm, like the lake beside which she lives.
Maia was feeling joyous, like a pond with a freshly frozen skin, joyful to glide across.
Erin felt calm, like a gentle dripping rain.
Pat felt like the waters of a delta, happy to be resting after the tumultuous tumble from the mountains, casting off the debris picked up along the way, and slowly meandering to the sea.
Michelle shared a Holly Mears quote which the scribe apologizes for not recording.
Jane felt like a rushing river, doing a lot of work, busy within her purpose,  getting up feeling excited and growing more joyful each day.
Michele summed it all nicely saying, “We are all in different places, but there is an ebb and flow as we come together.

Our discussion focused on our responses to the question,  “What do you observe in the exchange between yourself and another person when you are completely allowing TIME, and connecting in the MOMENT, and JUST BEING?”

Our observations included: each moment being rich with possibilities and is a gift; living namaste/honouring the divine in oneself and the other; connection to one’s authentic self and the other’s authentic self; being real, without pretence or mask; makes one feel like a bottle of champagne just popped open, 100% alive; allows one to learn so much more about the speaker than just the verbal message, hearing and feeling the nature of the spirit of speaker; allows others space they require to express themselves; creates a calmness in the exchange – creates calmness in self  – almost meditational; within circle, the use of a talking piece facilitates active listening and the use of the gong allows time to reflect on what has been heard.  There was consensus that sitting in circle creates both plenary and individual time and space.

Jane then sounded the singing bowl to make time for us to reflect on what we’d heard about Time.

Assigned for our consideration over the next month was the question, “How can we be an OPENING through which energy flows from the higher power of life through each of us for the benefit of all?

Our last audio circle conference call of the year will be held on Dec. 17th to free time and space for the demands of Christmas and New Year’s Eves.  Pat Gagnon will be the leader, Jane Adamson the co-leader and Maia Hessler will scribe.

To celebrate the arrival of 2013, we will hold an additional call on the first Monday, January 7, 2013.

Diane graciously volunteered to send highlights of our GTW Canada audio circle conference calls for sharing on the Gather The Women Global Matrix website.

To check out we reported feeling:
Pat – relieved
Erin – relaxed
Maia – echoed out (as she’d been enduring phone echo throughout the call)
Diane – connected to sisters
Jane – grounded
Michele – grateful

Michele shared the angel card she’d pulled that morning:
Angel of Enthusiasm:
My whole being is radiant with enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is a burst of inspiration that comes from God/ess. It is the certainty that we will never meet an uninteresting person or live moments of boredom.  When we allow ourselves to really live this certainty, we discover the tremendous energy that is always available to us and always supportive of every circumstance in our lives.

Jane closed the circle with the singing bowl being rung 3 times and the intention of blessings and abundance to everyone, which was followed by a chorus of good-byes.


Submitted by Diane Jung.

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