Women are the change we want to see in the world

November 5th, 2012 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Gather the Women

Dear GTW women around the world,
Here in the United States we are having a very important election. I’m urging our American sisters to vote if you haven’t already done so. In our country, women have a huge impact on elections. According to a blog by Bryce Covert in today’s (November 5) Nation Magazine, “Women are far more likely than men to support generous social spending on the safety net while men tend to be primarily concerned with the deficit.”
Women are changing the world on all the continents. There are even women in Antarctica who are making tremendous scientific discoveries. Jean Shinoda Bolen has written extensively about the power of women to make change. On her website, she says, “I believe that critical-mass, grassroots activism transforms consciousness and that what women do in the next few decades will determine the fate of life on this beautiful abundant planet.”
So, women of America, thank you for voting.

Barbara Belknap, GTW Matrix Convener

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