Reclaim Your Feminine Essence and Lead the Way to a New World

April 17th, 2013 | Posted by Sierra in Gather the Women

IWS-160.600If you’re like most women you recognize that this world needs all of us to wake up, step up, reclaim our feminine essence and offer it to the world in a much bigger way.

But how do you step up in a world that seems to fear our feminine power? How do you find the courage and the strength to say YES to your essence in a world that wants to deny and even destroy that very essence?

How do you take action when you’re already overwhelmed by the responsibilities of home, family and work just to name a few?

In short, how can we support and inspire each other to live our most radiant, vibrant, empowered and fulfilled lives so we can create amazing lives for ourselves and our families and have the greatest positive impact on the world?

And let’s face it, the world definitely needs OUR impact!

Well what if you could learn from and be inspired by more than 40 of the most passionate, empowered and vibrant women leading the way to a new world?

And what if you could connect with a virtual community of tens of thousands of women like you from all over the globe who are ready to help co-create a new way and a new world?

Would that help you find the courage and strength to step up and reclaim your feminine essence?

If so, come join us for the 4th annual Inspiring Women Summit!

You’ll be inspired by more than 40 women on the leading edge of this world shift. And you’ll be surrounded and supported by a global community of women ready to be the change we all want to see in the world!

The Inspiring Women Summit is totally free and begins with a three-day immersion, April 20 – 22, followed by a 5-week series of calls every Tuesday and Thursday.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from top transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson, Seane Corn, Lisa Nichols, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gabrielle Bernstein Lucy Liu, Sylvia Boorstein, Rickie Byars Beckwith and many other amazing women who are showing up in ways so bold, courageous and gloriously feminine that the world can’t help but shift in their presence!

And so will you!

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You intuitively know there is a way to authentic power, purpose, and abundance that allows you to embrace and embody your feminine essence. The leaders in the Inspiring Women Summit will share the secrets of their spiritual, creative, relational and professional journeys to success. They will show you how to step up and serve from a place of feminine power that allows you to create a life of joy, abundance and love while helping to co-create a new world.

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P.S. Help us spread the word about the Inspiring Women Summit. Invite all the women you know! It’s time for all of us to live our most radiant and fulfilled lives and make our greatest positive impact on the world.

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