Is there an original thought?

June 11th, 2013 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Activation | Gather the Women

By Pat Kammer, GTW Victoria, Canada

It came to me today that most of us don’t have an original thought. We are being spoon-fed through books, schools, television, radio, computers, i phones, i pads, from the pulpit as well as from each other. All of these sources belong to the realm of what is accepted by present society.

Information is never in short supply these days. Someone on the planet is killed and the blood is not yet dry before it is on the news being fed to the other side of the world. Sometimes an image can be air-brushed and embellished with action technology until the reality of it is so fuzzy as to be a complete farce, just for the sake of selling more newspapers. The onus is on us, the observers, to question, evaluate, and compare constantly what we are being shown.

It feels as if we have become like hard-wired computers with programmed software downloading minute by minute. Do we ever have an original thought that only we have generated all by ourselves? Is it possible to truly think outside the box? If we manage to do so, we can be prepared to be ridiculed. We have to be very sure of ourselves and solid in our convictions to withstand the barbs of those who only know and accept what they are fed. But changes are taking place and attitudes are slowly seeing adjustments.

This is a new time in our history, with unprecedented possibilities and a shift in consciousness. A new openness is emerging, and new thought is more accepted because of out-of-the-box thinking. More people have the courage to see differently, to be open to a better way. Many are becoming aware of the unseen. The invisible is now accepted as being more powerful than what can be seen with the naked eye.

It took original thought, for example, to get past the visible to the invisible in order for television to come into being. One of the first televisions in our small village of about 500 people was right across the road from my home in the late forties. We kids used to congregate on our neighbour’s couch on Friday nights and watch thick snowy images in black and white, all of us in awe at how it was possible. Now we have telephones and computers where we can see each other from miles away in real time through the wonders of invisible technology.

Nothing seems impossible, although some still blindly follow familiar hypnotic suggestions. We’ve all heard that the only way to heal X is to take XYZ drug, and the only way to travel is with XYZ airline. We’re told that the best foods to eat to lose weight are XY and Z, but not too much of Z, and XYZ exercises are best but do ask your doctor first if they are safe. We are assured that the only way to market anything is with XYZ technology, and on we go. We have been so powerfully spoon-fed all of our lives that thinking for ourselves or questioning the truth of anything seems foreign. Until now, that is. Things are changing. We are being challenged to go beyond the third dimension, and embrace fourth- and fifth-dimensional thinking.

I ask Spirit what it means to have an original thought…

You have only begun to scratch the surface of what there is to discover. The arrogance of man is to think there is nothing more to know. Open your mind to Me. Connect to My Mind and begin to explore new possibilities.

There are many dimensions waiting for you to enter. These dimensions are ones that are not visible to the naked eye. Like electricity, microwaves, microbes, neutrons, and nano-technology, etc., there is so much more in the invisible realm of Me. In My realm there is only perfection. No sickness, no pain, no lack of any good thing. Only love dwells there.

To go there takes openness, allowing, non-attachment, and complete trust. When you are totally immersed in other dimensions, faith isn’t needed because you see everything with an inner eye of certainty. Forgiveness is unnecessary because you know only love. There are no grievances, no should’s or shouldn’ts, only thanksgiving for what is. Studies in the law of attraction are not needed because aligning with My intention is an automatic reflex. Anything becomes fair game for possibilities.

If you are suffering, see beyond what is being felt to envision wholeness, and before it is felt, give thanks for My gift of wholeness to you. Before you receive what you ask for, give thanks for what is here but not seen as yet.

New original thoughts come by opening up to what is not seen. If you need your car, relationship, or situation fixed, say to the unseen, “Thank you for the answer to this problem. I am so grateful that this problem is solved.” If you are grieving the passing of a loved one, be in gratitude that time is an illusion, and before you know it, you, too, will be with that loved one, singing and dancing in a land of bliss. Death has no sting because it is not as you suppose it to be. It is life, a new life. Know that your original thought can bring you bliss right now in this moment of third-dimensional reality. Allow yourself ‘what if ‘ thinking .

When you believe totally in the unseen world of Spirit, nothing is impossible. This is the time of seeing auras, angels, orbs, waves of light; it is the time of experiencing the feelings that accompany the unseen. It happens when you let all fear go and ask expectantly to see, really see. See your brothers as Gods, and see yourself as the Divine that you are, one with your brothers and of immeasurable worth.

Join with me and enter original thought, except there is no original thought really, only undiscovered thoughts that already exist inside of you. It means you pay less and less attention to the outside third-dimensional world of illusions of time and space, and see the reality of eternity. Do not think you understand what eternity looks like or feels like; that is the discovery awaiting you.

So be it and so it is.


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