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August 4th, 2013 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Activation | Gather the Women

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
August 2013

Dear Brave Souls: A Message from Elders

Tonight, a small group of us elders were talking about how we have to continue to speak up, and say even more about the institutionalization of the sacred, the basis for educating young-young souls, the once numinous idea that has now become a ‘stamp them into the same mold’ school of endeavor.

I’d just say this for now… to you, for you, about you. Most of you who read here on my Facebook page are the Future we elders will never see.

We are counting on you to stand… to stand against, to stand with, to stand up, to stand for the things and matters and ideas we as elders have guarded and cherished and given our lives to protect for these many years.

It is yours now to step into harness, and to pull. Not in a culture of complaint, but in a culture of determination, to do what you can within your reach, to EVER freshen what has become stiff with ‘requirements’ that have stifled the living breathing child spirit in everything, that one who is inventive, in love with the miracles of life, who has and will bring ideas that will help to save, salve, or shore up whatever is so worth being/Being.

Know that we are the lead dogs in harness, for certain for now, and we do know the trail by heart… and we are so glad you are running with us…but also know that the day will come when we elders, we lead dogs, will become more and more spirit than flesh… and then even more so, and then at the last, we will fade from the lead traces and though we may be felt forever, we shall be seen no more in the usual senses…and you will be the lead dogs then… you will be the fore mothers and fore fathers, the ones pulling the sled filled with the beauteous hopes and dreams of our world… you will be the ones pulling through the dark forests, frozen tundra, deep deserts, overland, underwater, across the sky… to let all know that Goodness lives and is within our reach, not only in our dreams… and all in the ways you see fit. To each her own. To each his own. In one’s own ways.

The message from my little gaggle of elders tonight, this bright moon night here in the Rockies, is this: the time for you so younger, or waylaid by circumstances, or yet sleeping a bit, or already up and running… this is the time, right now, to join the traces for decency and depth of ideas, for living breathing numinousity of thought and endeavor. The time to be in the traces pulling forward is now.

Moisten what has gone too dry. Bring the mercy of living blooms onto the drought-lands. Pound-speak on the doors as many times as it takes. Gently rouse sleeping souls to realize it is time to awaken and take back ways of life and a land worth living in. Do and say and be and act in the ways you are called to. Wait not on perfection, but rather make progress. Daily.

And most of all, for yourself, know that when you put on the harnesses, when you enjoin the traces to pull … the harnesses will be worn down, but not worn out…
and the harnesses will be warm from the love of those who have pulled and pulled for decades and eons before your time. And with love. Ever with love many many have pulled and repaired those traces and harnesses, time and again, knowing someday, you would be here with us, too.

Dr.e, ever with love

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