Gather the Women. Save the World.

May 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Activation | Circles | Gather the Women | Gatherings

United Nations Kenya“Gather the Women. Save the World.”

Those simple phrases caught my attention many years ago and hold it still. On May 13th, Ann Smith, GTW Regional Coordinator, Millionth Circle Convener and Circle Connections founder in Naples, Florida, posted a link to a short YouTube video on the GTW Facebook page called “Women of the World Unite – Energizing the Global Women’s Movement”. It features a short video of Jean Shinoda Bolen urging women to “step up to take on a creative endeavor that is heart-motivated – part of your personal mission.”

All this took place at a United Nations Commission on the Status of Women gathering in New York City in March 2013. As the video starts, Ann Smith introduces Jean and talks about the power her books have had on women activists.

What Jean is passionate about and wanted to discuss is a 5th United Nations World Conference of Women to bring women together from all over the world, just as the United Nations did in Beijing in 1995, Nairobi in 1985, Copenhagen in 1980, and at the first one in Mexico City in 1975. She said, “We would like the United Nations to convene a global women’s conference. There is not enough political will. Everything that ails this planet could be helped if women were empowered and equal.”

The Beijing UNWCW brought forth the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action. It was adopted unanimously by 189 countries. It also brought forth the Alaska Women’s Network, here in my state of Alaska, and we modeled it on the Platform for Action. I was the first President of AWN, but it was the group of Alaskan women who had been to Beijing who inspired us to start a network that could connect the women across our huge state.

Facebook didn’t exist. There was no tweeting going on unless it was a bird. We had email. We had phones. Ah, but now we have the world at our fingertips. The “heart-motivated creative endeavors” that Jean Bolen describes are happening every day. Yesterday, I donated money to a cause that GTW Canada’s Heather Plett in Manitoba started online to help a woman in Africa. Today, I donated money to a young progressive woman candidate in Kentucky who could be in Congress until she is a grandmother and can do so much good. Jean said, “The possibility of getting to that tipping point that changes the world would be accelerated by having a 5th United Nations World Women’s Conference.” Imagine thousands of women gathered together and sending a brilliant stream of feminine power out into the Universe!

Jean Shinoda Bolen’s latest book is “Moving Towards the Millionth Circle – Energizing the Global Women’s Movement”.

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