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June 2nd, 2014 | Posted by DeborahBee in Circles
By our Regional Coordinator Mary Ann Conlin in South Korea

I started Gather the Women South Korea in January 2014, from scratch, with nothing except the support and experience of joining Gather the Women Canada at their annual gathering in 2013. All I knew is that the Power of Circle has the ability to shape communities, give women a support to lean on, and worship the Divine Feminine in all her splendour!
Every month Circle has grown, with 7-8 ladies joining together and sharing. Circle focuses on loving who we are, the Power of Words, and asking the question inside the question in order to discover the answers we are truly seeking on our journeys.

Through Facebook the community has grown much larger, and now Women here have a solid network to share anything they feel they can. However, what has started to evolve over here is much different than other Gather the Women Circles, and I feel that has to do with the fact is we are all Women in our 20s or 30s mostly, and we are all still experiencing the Maiden phase of our lives. There is an openness to many different kinds of feminine opinion and experience here, and that’s something I didn’t want to stifle.

Even though I conduct Circle through Native ritual and spirituality, Women over here are from many different backgrounds, and our friendships and social gatherings are milieu of feminine experience. We use the group to continue to grow out of the stages of childhood and into the roles of True Women. Usually, the Women I’ve met back in Canada have already passed through Motherhood and are entering the Grandmother phase of their lives. They grew up being Women without getting the chance to play. Over here, we are the opposite. That’s why Circle is so important so we can learn and grow how to become mature, respectful, and honourable Women.

Now that there’s a solid network of Women over here, there are a few Women to fill each direction of the Circle. There are others in the group who are not ready to ask certain questions in their lives, but join our social events and connect with each other nonetheless. There are many Women here who will help with social gatherings and sharing positive words on Facebook, but I am ready to refocus on Sacred Space, and keep Circle about the Gather the Women mission statement. Find our voices, celebrate our self-worth, and walk a path to personal and planetary transformation <3
Love and light,
Mary Ann Conlin
South Korea
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