Anita Coolidge


AnitaSometimes, just going with the flow…instead of planning…is what brings us to some of the best places in our lives. I am in this women’s circle because, about five years ago, I went with a friend one evening to a bar – which I hardly ever do – and coincidentally met someone else (Chloe Ann)  who doesn’t really do the bar thing either. In our conversation there, we discovered that we both had been students of a energetic healer, inspired by ancient tradition.

My main work is energy healing, breath work. My intention is to help people heal fear and pain, which I’ve been doing for over 25 years. I have also worked with Americans for Department of Peace-building, and absolutely know that with the emerging of the power of women, of the feminine, and men getting past their fear of that power…..and, instead of controlling women, shifting to collaborating with honor and respect…..that this is what will create peace on the planet. As we connect and support each other in the women’s groups around the world, our own vibe will strengthen and will ripple out, creating more love, compassion, and understanding. We are in a time of incredible transformation, not that the feminine will overtake the masculine. The true power will be when masculine and feminine work – and play – together! POWER: Power Of Women Ever Ready. Passion Of Women Ever Right.  😀

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