Aria Maria Christina Madariaga

My Name is Aria Maria Christina Madariaga.Photo Aria

What I do for Love~ I live life honestly, authentically and openly as much as I can. Connecting with love though practices of 5 Rhythms Dance, prayer, singing, hugging trees, cycling, walking, simply being~ which fundamentally connects me to the love for myself, others, nature, animals and all in the universe. I honour and respect the energy of love deeply and actively try to practice being consciously aware of love in each moment, as it is always there, deep in my being I know this.

For Fun~ I play…play with children, animals, adults, trees, leaves, the wind, rain, ocean, myself…I simply Play, this is the best fun.

For Money~ I exchange knowledge and wisdom with children. Otherwise known as a Primary School Teacher. Still striving to find the environment and attitude that reflects my hearts passion for teaching and working with children but as I am on that mission I still go to various schools and spread the love, earning some pennies to get me by.

I have been part of GTW Liverpool since March 2011.  I am part of GTW firstly because I was drawn to the first gathering which was on International Women’s Day and my heart wanted to be with a group of women to honour that day. I wasn’t aware of GTW then but as I have attended over the years I am simply part of GTW because it is a safe space where all beautifully different kinds of women gather in a circle, with a candle and simple altar in the middle and speak whatever their truth is in that moment. The guidelines allow fluidity so that no-one is interrupted and all that is said is directed into the middle of the circle. It is an empowering space as it gives women the permission to speak openly and know they are being heard by their sisters. Each woman’s story is respected with sometimes their stories triggering parts of your own. Laughter, pain, tears and more are all shared and deepen the strength within ourselves and being a collective. It illuminates and deepens the threads of the tapestry of life that connects us all as one.

The Liverpool circle is precious. I have journeyed deep with the sisters of Liverpool and have immense love for them all. It is open, affectionate, caring, loving, supportive, diverse, interesting, passionate and real. I love coming together with my scouse sisters.

Being part of GTW Liverpool is deeply important to me as it is a place I feel connection and connection to some women I wouldn’t necessarily cross paths with in my day to day life. It expands my love and connection for the sisters of Liverpool and strengthens my hope for women to feel empowered, connected and loved within a community they can speak their truth, expose all they are without fear and be respected and heard.

Each moment in circle has had a profound effect on me because in each circle I have felt deep love, Love for what’s being shared, Love for the sisters, Love for the circle but one circle I will always hold dear is the circle we honoured one of our sisters who had died. Her spirit was truly honoured, celebrated, loved, missed and respected. I could feel her precious spirit with us that day, as a chair was pulled up for her with flowers and a candle on. I was deeply thankful how the circle held such a beautiful remembrance for her and came together in unity.

To finish, I feel the love of my circle sisters with me always. It is beautiful when we all come together to sit in circle but the circle doesn’t disappear when we are not as I feel connected to them always and for me that is the power of circle~feeling it’s with you always.

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