Clare Campbell

I’m Clare Campbell.Clare

For over 18 years I have been following my passion birthing social enterprises which help people heal and connect in juicy circles and creative spaces! I have been part of the Liverpool circle for over a year but before then I was part of the Millionth Circle where I met so many incredible women from all over the world.

I have been sitting in circle in many ways since my twenties and have never found a place to call home as deeply as in circle. I am part of the Liverpool Circle because I am passionate about connecting in deep authentic ways with my sistas and I see many of the women as my family, my tribe. The Liverpool circle is evolving, growing, earthy, candlelit, divinely held and always involves lots of raucous chatting afterwards in local cafes! It is where I meet my tribe, touch base with my sistas and connect with the diverse topics we raise.

Every circle gives me something… I loved it when we looked at the topic of what we don’t talk about and don’t say in circle (Clare facilitated this deep circle – Deborah Z)… I loved hearing the unspoken and unspeakable given space…. I know we are going to just keep getting juicier! Yay!

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