Heather Stevens

Photo HeathMy name is Heather Stevens.

I love walking, people watching, food and travel. I am a chemotherapy nurse which allows me to meet many different people as part of my job. I love my job because it makes me feel lucky to be healthy and alive every day.

I have been a part of Gather the Women for years… since it began in Liverpool. I am privileged to have watched it grow and develop.

I am part of Gather the Women because it allows me to feel connected to other women. Hearing people’s stories and journey’s makes me realise that although we’re all vastly different, we all share the same scope of emotions and share similar experience. For me it’s a way to feel oneness. The circle guidelines and feeling of equality is spot on! I feel that being in circle has helped me begin to conquer my fear of public speaking, and provides me with a space were I don’t feel judged. I feel safe to speak.

The Liverpool circle is special because it comprises of women of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone has diverse points of view and the most inspiring thing to me is people’s frank openness and total honesty. The kind of honesty that isn’t normally shared in day to day conversation. It’s inspiring and has helped me to become more open outside circle too.

I feel that Gather the Women is part of a shift in our consciousness, it’s about collaboration for good, sisterhood and sticking together. I have met do many beautiful people that I would never have come into contact with in my usual ‘partying’ circles. For that I am very thankful.

Every circle has moved me. I always come out with inspiration, and feel calm and ready to face my day. Hearing the challenges others face makes me feel truly blessed for my life, and in awe of the incredible strength that women posses! Gather the Women has allowed me to meet some wonderful friends and has generally opened my mind. I am very grateful to Deb for starting the Liverpool group and hope other cities can join us.

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