Laura McKenna

Laura Mc

My name is Laura McKenna (Laura and Shea, also in this circle, are real life sisters – Deborah Z) and I love to sing and write songs and being a mummy is my fave job. I love to socialise and be with all my amazing friends. I have been a part of Gather the Women for just under a year I think now and the reason I am part of GTW  is because it is beautiful, peaceful and a place to feel safe an not be judged. It allows me to let go of all the things I hold back and wouldn’t usually share. The Liverpool circle is a beautiful special circle, the way all of the woman just come together and support each other. Being a part of Gather the Women I feel honoured and just so blessed to be part of such a gorgeous thing. Sharing with women and relating and just generally comforting each other. I love how the circle brings you all together and you just feel appreciation from all.

The circle that will stay with me for ever was saying goodbye to our special beautiful circle sista Carla. That day helped me to deal with it. I had struggled with it and I found closure. After our circle we went to lay flowers outside her home an formed a special circle adn said our goodbyes. Dedicating our circle to Carla was so so special and filled me with such emotion. I will never ever forget that day. It was such a strange experience feeling like she was with us at times and just a sense of comfort and LOVE. xxx

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