Mast Goebel

I have been part of the GTW circle since last year and from beginning I’ve felt comfortable, accepted and heard. The circle provides a sacred place for me to open up in ways that I can’t in the “real” world – and when I have many times in the past in different situations, I have been stared at like I’m crazy! There have been a couple of circle meetings where I’ve not spoken and just listened. I love to listen to other women’s stories because in each story I find some of my own story being spoken. It’s a realization that we are all interconnected by the same thread that weaves the fabric of life. Its true there is no separation- we are all part of the universal principle which is Oneness. And the greatest force that unites us all is Love! There is a quote that says that there are only two true emotions: Love and a longing for love. I agree.


I have many passions in life. At the top is my most loved and cherished family. My husband Jeff and I have created three extraordinary and very loved boys ages 7, 6, and 3. Each one of them has been a teacher teaching me different lessons in life. I believe we reincarnate into this physical life to finish what we didn’t finish and also to learn the lessons we didn’t learn in our previous lives. The lessons I’ve learned organically from my children are: Patience, mindfulness, unconditional love, gentleness, being grounded, and keeping things simple.  The world is magical, beautiful, and simple through the lens of a child. I am grateful to be reminded of that on a daily basis.

My other passions/pleasures are: Metaphysics, reading, poetry, quotes, affirmations, yoga, meditation, analyzing my dreams, being an intent listener, music, vacations/traveling, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle, not just for myself but also for my family. In addition I love walks, most often by myself because it allows me to tune in and listen to what my emotions are speaking to me. This is just one way that I get to know myself better. There is a beautiful quote that says “knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” I agree.

Lastly, something else that I love and enjoy is rich, delicious desserts, especially dark chocolate. Yum!

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