Misty Wileman

Hello! My name is Misty Wileman (Shauna’s sister).

MistyI’m fortunate to live in beautiful Southern California. My interests are camping, hiking, anything outdoor related. I’m a total bookworm & I always have a book with me. I’m very passionate about animals rights & their well being & I am very involved with this. It’s my calling!


I joined the Goddess Group about 6 years ago. At that point I was very happy with my relationship, friends, family, my animals, travelling and heavily involved with volunteer work but still felt something was missing & knew it was in the Spirituality department. I had none in my life at all.
I knew very little about the group but felt loved & welcomed from the very start. There are so many intelligent, diverse & interesting women in our group. I always leave with peace & knowledge. I have learned so much from these women!

Until settling in to write this, I hadn’t realized how far I have come both spiritually & mentally since joining these beautiful women. I am forever grateful in being a part of this group!

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