Rain Angelise

Rain Angelise (Ana’s sister)

RainSitting with women in circle has been such an empowering experience in my life. I am 41 and a wife and mother of three.  I have been attending this type of circle for over 20 years now and I was so blessed to have been invited at such a young age. The first circle was founded by Sharon G. Mijares Ph.D. who is also Gather the Women Regional Coordinator, Costa Rica. That circle met for 15 wonderful years, and I have so many fond memories of that time. We danced as Goddesses, created unique art, chanted ancient words, told stories of our lives, and supported each other.  As time went on the circle grew and shrunk many times but the core members were a constant. Eventually some members moved and the group slowly yet naturally came to an end.

A few years later my sister Anatole Couch, Regional Coordinator for California decided to start a circle back up again and asked for my help. We partnered with a close friend (Shauna) who was interested and each of us invited some of the special women in our lives to join in. We meet every month on the New Moon and sometimes the Full Moon, we burn sage and candles, and invoke the energies of the Universe.  We pass the talking stick as we hold space for each other to share vulnerably in the safety of the circle.  In this soft and compassionate space, I have learned to speak forth and be received by other women.

There is so much competition, jealousy, gossip between women in this world and it hurts us all to view and treat each other that way. I have learned to value and admire the differences in other women, rather than being threatened.  I truly am struck every time at how beautiful each woman in the circle is. I am pretty sure that I have cried tears of gratitude and joy every single circle I have attended, and that is a ton of joyful tears!

I am so blessed to share in this experience with my sister and mother, and one day my little baby girl.

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