Shauna Artman  

I had made friends on separate occasions with two sisters (Ana and Rain) .We all worked together and bonded naturally. When it came time for us to part ways and travel on to different paths, we decided to use our strong connection to our spirituality as a means to stay in touch with one another.


We had all previously been connected to a women’s circle that Sharon Mijares had started. We discussed it’s value and benefits and fantasized with creativity to create our own.
And so it is!
8 months into my pregnancy of my 1st and only child, we began to set space . We had just us 3 for a time being. We shared different interest, current studies and gifts. Not much has changed since then,  just now… it includes many more women. We range in numbers of 8-14 women.
We have reiki masters, corporate executives, massage therapist, yoga instructors,  mothers,  daughters, sisters… One thing in common is we are all students,  all leaders , all women connected to our divine goddess.
We meet once a month . We follow the lunar cycle,  either on the new moon but most often full moon.
It’s been and continues to be a beautiful evolution of the soul and heart.
It is a commitment, responsibility and devotional relationship to ourselves and one another .
Namaste .

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