Shea Sumner

SheaMy name is Shea Sumner and out of love I take care of my boyfriend’s little boy 2-3 times a week , I sing my heart out at least once a day and I love to play with my new kitty kat Berbo who also loves his cuddles!! I love to spend time with my boyfriend and everyday I call my loved ones to have my daily chat. I am a very sociable person and I love to socialise with my friends.
I have been part of Gather the Women for a while now, I probably started going at the start of 2013. I started going to GTW as I had a hard time coping with my past more things were uncovered and I didn’t understand reasons behind why things had happened. I was in a pretty dark and gloomy place before I started GTW but our Liverpool circle is amazingly heart-warming and open. It is filled with women who are, I have to say, the loveliest women I have ever met. Everyone listens and it is judge free, no one judges they just open there ears and hearts. Being part of this circle means a lot to me as it’s helped unpick the questions I had over the past so I can slowly learn to put them to rest slowly moving on with just happiness no more pain. Each and every circle I attend have a great impact on my life, one specific circle was the Shame circle. I think we all feel shame at some point in our lives and I believe shame is a killer, fills you with nothing but anger and embarrassment, this helped me realise that I should never be ashamed for who I am.
I love my sistas at our Liverpool circle! Friends for life! Xxx xxx

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