The Wonder that is Jeane Tu Bears Jacobs and Lorraine Lima

May 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Activation | Empowerment | Gather the Women | Inspiration

A Note from Tu Bears shows up every morning.

A Note from Tu Bears shows up every morning.

Yes. That is grammatically correct. TuBearsandLorraine. That’s how it rolls off my tongue. Tu Bears the Wise Woman. Tu Bears the Funny Woman. Tu Bears the Generous Woman. Tu Bears the Healer. Lorraine the Wise Woman. Lorraine the Artist. Lorraine the Teacher, Lorraine the Techie behind the Feather. Tu Bears and Lorraine. Every single day, I get “a note from Tu Bears” in my inbox. At the top of the page, it says, “A daily reminder for you to notice the hummingbird in your life.” Below that is a feather and “a note from Tu Bears”. Not long ago, I asked Tu Bears how she comes up with a note every single day. She told me that she writes it as it flows from her, and Lorraine makes the technology work.

2013 Tahoe ConvenersDSC04615b

Gather the Women Global Matrix sat in circle on the shores of Lake Tahoe in 2013 and that is where I met Tu Bears and Lorraine. Their home is in nearby Reno. Sometimes, Tu Bears was sitting close to me. Other times, she was on the other side of the circle. We all chose a different place to sit for a fresh point of view, and for an opportunity to get to know women better. Tu Bears had her notepad and pen, as we all did. She had an exquisite silver necklace, a blue knit scarf, and a long wine red dress.

The Nevada County women’s Gather the Women organized the 2013 annual gathering. We learned that there are women who choose to live in Nevada County, California, because they feel and know that it is a special place for women. That knowledge is in the energy field of those mountains that straddle the border of California and Nevada, and in the topaz lake that shimmered just outside the floor to ceiling windows.

I shared a picture of all the Conveners at Lake Tahoe on May 15 at 5:00 pm on the Gather the Women Global Matrix Facebook Page. You can see more photos

As I looked at us holding hands with so much joy and love, I remembered one of the most emotional circles I’ve ever been in. That evening, everyone met out on the lawn between the center and Lake Tahoe. We all had a shawl or scarf over our shoulders. Simply standing in a circle with all those women with their shoulders draped was primeval and powerful. Tu Bears asked Deborah to come to her, and asked if we could have a Baby Blessing for her. In a quiet voice, Deborah said, “Yes.”

Tu Bears opened the Blessing by talking about the wisdom and experience of the crones, and of all the women standing silently in the twilight. She asked Deborah to walk from woman to woman and receive our words of wisdom for her and her baby. Tu Bears asked Deborah if she was comfortable with us touching her belly and she quietly said, “Yes.”

As the sky turned a deep purple and the stars began to come out, Deborah slowly walked from woman to woman in the circle. She would stop at each one and lean in to hear whatever the woman offered for her and her infant. I found myself crying, and my eyes are tearing up as I write this. I cried because it was the Power of the Feminine that held us all. I cried because I was mourning the fact that the births of my two children were so bereft of any kind of spirituality and comfort for my spirit. I wondered what would have been different if I had had that ethereal and yet so grounded blessing ceremony with my babies? What if all pregnant women who were open to it could experience it?

In the meantime, I get a note every morning that is as light as a feather and as strong as two mama bears.

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