Dorothy “Rowdy” Brewick

Captivated by Women’s Circles

Yes, I admit it – I am a circle devotee.  I have been participating in circle gatherings since the late 1980’s.  I have beenScreen Shot 2015-06-05 at 23.43.10 a “caller of circles” most of my adult life and most recently I am a promoter of circle principles as part of groups like Gather the Women Global Matrix, Democracy In Action (local progressive political action committee), and the UN Commission on the Status of Women.
I AM captivated when I sit together with women in circle i.e. a sacred space.  A definition of captivate is “attract and hold the interest and attention of” and one thesaurus has this entry for  “captivate”: enthrall, charm, enchant, bewitch, fascinate, beguile, entrance, enrapture, delight, attract, allure, engross, mesmerize, spellbind, hypnotize.  I believe that I have experienced each of these emotions while sitting in circle with other women.  I have had the opportunity to share circles with much younger women where I am charmed by their innocence and fascinated by their willingness to be authentic.  I have spent many hours in circle with women my age and I am enthralled by their personal stories and delighted when they share the same joy in living as I find at this stage of our lives.  I am thankful that I have circle in my life – that I have a ‘place’ to go to find support, comfort, understanding, and listening ears.  I am grateful for the many women with whom I have shared this sacred space called “circle” and I look forward to many more opportunities to sit in circle.  I am especially excited about the up coming annual Gather the Women conference being held here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I am part of the Steeling Wheel planning group and look forward to spending quality time in circle with wonderful GTW women from many different places!

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