Suzan Nolan

The Black Hills Gather the Women circle began officially here in Rapid City, SD in 2004. Many of us had been in circles of various types for years before that,  but Gather the Women was launched here by me when Marilyn Nyborg called and asked me to consider starting a group. I had purchased the DVD by Jean Bolen, Jean Houston, and Barbara Marx Hubbard called “Seeding Circles.” Twenty four women gathered to watch that video and to talk about how the world would be different if feminine energy was more visible.  From that we had the beginning of circles that spun off, that continued to meet, faded, came back, morphed into something else and eventually became a solid and viable force in our community.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 23.35.44In 2008 I helped plan a regional coordinators conference in St. Cloud, MN with Marilyn, Mary Kay Carle, Joy Adams, and Angie Lux. More seeds were planted at this conference and the roots, which had been planted by Kathe Schaaf and many others began to really grow.Since that time our local Black Hills circle has had at least two events per year, one in the fall and one near International Women’s Day. We have sponsored many additional workshops and events and always celebrate Women’s Equality Day.  We participate in Standing Women’s events, hold full moon circles, have had circles with horses as part of the circle, and have grown, laughed, loved, cried, and manifested boldly the energy of the Divine Feminine. We often meet monthly and hold circles for younger women.

We were so honored to host the annual Gather the Women gathering in Rapid City in Sept. Deborah’s most recent newsletter showcased some of the beauty of that. We continue to reach out to new women in our community and our last event, Embracing Your Power, had at least half new women and some young women. That continues to be our desire to hold the women who have come in love and light, and to attract and support younger women who are interested in circle. Rowdy Brewick is the co-regional coordinator with me and we partner on almost all GTW events that we do here.

GTW Black Hills has supported women going to the international gathering as well as opened doors for young women to attend the Commission on the Status of Women in New York City at the UN and we have attended and support our sister organization, Women of Spirit and Faith. Gather the Women is an anchor for many women in our community and is doing our best to support the rising of the feminine.

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