Dear Edie,

October 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Gather the Women

BarbBaby9222015SmallestDear Edie,

I am your Maternal Grandmother, your mother’s mother. We live in Alaska. You have another grandmother who is your father’s mother and she lives in Washington. We both love you very much.

You already know your Birth Story on September 16, 2015 in Everett, Washington. Your mother will tell you about the twelve doctors in the room, and the woman doctor who coordinated her team to ensure that you were born safely. Your mother will tell you how she was cared for and reassured by all those people in white coats and surgical masks. Your father will tell you how he was there, and how he felt when he held the five pounds and four ounce infant that was you for the very first time.

It was almost the same story when your mother was born in San Diego, California, in 1975. An X-ray taken the day she was born showed her sitting up in the womb with her knees up and head tucked down, instead of head down and that little rear end up. That is called a breech birth. Nobody expected that. My mother, your great-grandmother, was there to take me for the check-up. The doctor looked at that X-ray and told us to go straight to Balboa Hospital in downtown San Diego.

My mom was very scared and drove so slow that I had to remind her to move a little faster. When she was young, a “breech birth” was very dangerous for mommies, but there were lots of doctors in the room to make sure our baby girl came safely into the world. Your Grandpa Belknap came straight from the Coast Guard station to Balboa Hospital. There were no cell phones then. Honest. Everything turned out fine except your tiny shoulders were a little hunched over for the first couple of days from sitting in such a tiny space for so long.

Now that you are safe and sound in your home on The Farm, Edie, your mommy and daddy can hold you, get to know you, feed you, and watch you grow. I wish we were closer so we could be a part of that, too, but we will be visiting. When your mommy was born, there was no Facebook to share pictures. Now, I can check my iPhone and see if you and your family are there on Facebook. Your parents understand how much I love to see those pictures! We will also visit you and your family will visit us.

There will be many influences in your life, Edie. On your mother’s side, you come from a long line of very strong women. None of us are or were rich or famous, but all of us have been good honest women with empathy, character, strength, and a sense of humor. On the Fisher side, you have strong women, too. And, of course, your mommy, who is also Chef Amy, is strong. More importantly, she has always had a generous and loving heart.

Your grandfathers and all the men in your family on both sides will love you, too. Your spirit will come from all the branches, twigs, and leaves on your family tree, and you will contribute your own story to that tree over the years.

Edith Simone Fisher, you are a very special little baby girl. As you grow, I will be watching from Alaska, and sending my love to you.

Tender hugs,
Grandma Barbara

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