Holding the Rim

December 4th, 2015 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Circles | Gather the Women

basketWhen we call a circle we follow a protocol to ensure a safe space for women. Many times, a woman new to circle will sit down not knowing what to expect. After the bell rings, and we begin, there are always women who begin to cry. As the woman calling circle, it is my responsibility to create a safe space. I always remember that the circle is like a basket or a vessel. The rim needs to be solid to hold all that goes into it and for everyone to feel safe. I check before I ring the bell to start to see if I can see everyone’s eyes. If I can’t, I ask them to scoot in or out to make sure it’s a strong rim that will hold all that energy without leaking, and I explain why that is important. As I said at our 2015 GTW gathering, sitting in a “wobbly” circle is just impossible for me now that I know how important holding the rim is.

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