Nancy Nolin – Portland, Oregon: New Moon Ceremony – 2016 Intentions

January 15th, 2016 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Circles | Gather the Women | Gatherings | Inspiration

Greetings Barbara,

I am attaching a few photos for the blog if they fit the theme. I did not take photos of us in circle but a photo of us after we completed the circle. I also have a photo of the center alter but it is not all that clear however I am attaching 2 photos and a photo of our center piece which is what I am holding in my hand in the photo of us 5 plus one woman is pregnant with her first child – it is a girl (so this little one is already being introduced to Women’s Circle ‘in-utero’).

The circle was on January 9th – Portland Oregon GTW Circle
(the theme) “New Moon Ceremony – 2016 Intentions”




The New Moon represents the end of the Waning moon phase and is the beginning of the Waxing Moon phase. The waning phase of the moon is the time to relieve ourselves, to let go of, to give up or surrender those things and other parts of our existence that no longer serves us. The Waxing Moon is believed to be a good time to ask for and to attract the the things we need on all levels – spiritual, physical, emotional or intellectual.* (*adapted from Ceremonies for Real Life). Each participant shared the theme of their journey in 2015 and what they wanted to let go of and then shared their intentions or what they want to manifest in 2016. We followed circle principles as well as added singing the song “Medicine Wheel” by Kate Wolf. We ended our circle with a drumming/rattle circle. The next circle will be February 21st and we will be celebrating the Full Moon ~ reaffirming our greatness and seeking confirmation of our personal strengths.

Namaste, Nancy Nolin, GTW Oregon RC

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