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My heart breaks for the women and children fleeing war and oppression in the Middle East. What would I do if I had to walk miles, keeping my small children close so I don’t lose them? I see little ones clinging to their mother’s black abaya and struggling to keep up. If you’ve ever been …
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What is your circle’s purpose? Does it need a purpose? Yes, it does. Can you just want to get together, sit in a circle, and chat with your women friends? Of course you can, however, it’s best to find an empty table at a coffee shop or have lunch to catch up with your friends. …
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Today’s blog about Circle Practice is dedicated to “questions that matter” for Gather the Women. We (the Conveners) came up with these questions and comments after we met in August 2009 at the University of Washington in Seattle. I feel that they are still relevant and interesting questions today. Any one of the major topics …
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