Sacred Activism

May 25th, 2016 | Posted by Barbara Belknap in Activation | Circles | Gather the Women

What exactly is “sacred activism”, and why is it that so many women in the Gather the Women sisterhood are engaged in it? By one definition, sacred activism is “a philosophy supporting personal and spiritual growth and the pursuit of wholeness”. Scrolling down the GTW Facebook page today, I came across Beth Bondo Bontley’s post about her business that brings together earth, art and heart ( We all know that a woman can be an activist and an astute business woman at the same time, as well as a mother, a spouse, a partner, a grandmother, and so many other roles we take on or are born into. GTW women are engaged in their communities. They are champions for LGBTQ rights, equal rights, civil rights, protecting the environment, and opening up new creative opportunities like Beth is doing. How do we know? Facebook!

The Soaring Woman

The Soaring Woman

In communities on every continent, there are women who are lending support to other women. Marion Demanet lives in Mechelen, Belgium. We haven’t met yet, but I was so happy to meet her friend Patricia Queritet at the 2015 gathering in Florida. I was struck by the image Marion posted on our Facebook page. Every woman could interpret it in a different way, but it speaks volumes to me about joy, freedom, being who we are. Each woman’s posts were supported by women they would have never met had it not been for Gather the Women. That was the idea so many years ago when a small group of women gathered together to create a different kind of organization. No longer would we sit in rows being talked at. We would sit in a circle with a candle in the center, the oldest way to speak from the heart.

The Internet has no heart, but it certainly connects hearts. I hope to see you all in Los Gatos, California, in five months!

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