Time for confidence, sisters – we are the germ cells of the new!

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Time for confidence, sisters – we are the germ cells of the new!

© by Katharina Sebert


We are growing everywhere. Coming together in circle as sisters and as leaders in every chair makes us strong, empowers us and encourages us to stand up for a world that is good for all beings. A few years ago, they were almost invisible, now and fortunately they are unmissable: Life-islands of hope and confidence in the middle of a world that is about to end. Matriarchal germ cells that, in the midst of the destructive patriarchal system for all beings, bring the long-awaited healing and transformation to our almost completely annihilated world. Germ cells that honor, celebrate and realize the life and maternal power from which it is born and nourished. Movements that draw from the abundance, instead of fighting in the greed and never-enough of the scarcity-perspective. Out of joy, confidence and enough. In the GOING FOR instead of the against. And attention! Matriarchy does not mean “Power of women over others” what would be the continuation of the patriarchal principle of “the stronger one wins and subjugates everything”, but the worship of the life-giving and life-nurturing maternal-feminine principle, the ancient circle principle, which is the force that guards life and creates a good present and future for all beings in which all work hand in hand and together, at eye level, non-hierarchically heart to heart for the good of all. All genders. All ages. All colors, religions, traditions, talents and directions.

Healing and Solution always require a new Consiousness

Since, as we know, problems and challenges can only ever be solved in a different consciousness than in the one through which they originated, it is not surprising that the germ cells of the new find completely different means, possibilities and ways, which are not of anything what characterizes the patriarchal system under which all beings suffer. They are neither violent nor manipulative, neither combative nor hierarchical, they neither want to possess nor rule, neither exclude, deport, nor exterminate, but are colorful, diverse, connecting, inclusive, compassionate, life-nurturing and peace-making. They are active, positive and creative, born of the question “What can I contribute to a good world?” instead of the widespread plaintive, lethargic and consuming victim attitude. And they are mostly organized by women.

The Women of the world are gathering, together we’re creating. Rise up, sister, rise up! – Song in the movie ‘Things we don’t talk about’ from Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost about the Red Tent Movement

Women dance each year on February 14th, V-Day, under the encouraging name of ‘One Billion Rising‘ for self-determination, the freedom of expression, and the integrity and dignity of their bodies. The Women’s Marches worldwide and the recent Marches For Our Lives show the strong expression for life. The Tree Sisters – Women Seeding Change are rearing the green robes of Grandmother Earth and are well on their way to planting a billion trees each year. Women Wage Peace brings women of all religions together in the crisis area of the Middle East to work for peace. The result is the Prayer of the Mothers Movement, which brings together musicians, singers, women and men in many places to stand for peace. Choirs like the Resistance Revival Chorus or the Lucy Stone Singers also bring the connecting and joyful dimension of singing together into the movement. A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it. Please, please, allow it. – Jeanette LeBlanc 

Worldwide organizations like Gather the Women (yaaay!!!!) help women on every continent to come together in circles and recognize their true selves in this safe space, affirming and encouraging each other to rise in all their greatness, dignity, beauty, wisdom and power, to gather and stand up for a peaceful, connected and life supportive world. – It is deeply joyful to watch all these germ cells grow and to join in, to call oneself into being who we really are and came for, and to be active for a world that is good for all beings. It is encouraging and empowering, powerful, joyful and uplifting.

‘Gather the Women’ is a message to her daughters from Mother Earth, Mother Goddess, Mother archetype. The words evoke an intuitive recognition, a wisdom whose time has come. It is a call from the Sacred Feminine to bring the feminine principle into conciousness. It is time to ‘gather the women’ – for only when women are strong together can women be fiercely protective of what we love. Only then, will children be safe and peace a real possiblity. – Jean Shinoda Bolen

Recently, the Swedish women of the film industry have made an impressive contribution at the Guldbaggen Awards celebration. An action that has grown out of countless sexual assaults on women: Silently and hand in hand they walked in on the red carpet to then speak out for a world in which all humans are safe. They call their movement ‘Tystnad Tagning’ – ‘Silent Movement’.

To give the gist of, this is what they shared in their speeches: “We stand here in the name of a good future. We stand for this and we can only shape it together. Dear sister, we stand here for you. Let us show that we stand together, stand up and stand for what serves all. Dear brother, we want the same value as you have in the world, we stand side by side and only together we are strong. Dear daughter, we stand here for you and no longer keep silent. We pronounce what needs to be said and finish, what has long hurt. We want a good and safe and happy future for you and your sisters. A future in which there are no sexual assaults and violence. Dear son, we want you to grow up in a world where you can be a real man without having to make others smaller or suppress. We stand here for you and a future in which everyone is respected. This quiet movement is only the beginning. A good beginning.”

A good beginning for everyone

It waits, this good beginning, that we can make it come alive. That we personally, each one of us, makes the beginning and thus we ARE the beginning. You and me and all people. When things come to an end, they do so because the new has long been waiting to germinate, grow and thrive. Everything is in us, what it needs for it. Humanity is being born anew. By OURSELVES. And we are not just witnesses to these times and all of this healing change, but co-creative co-creators. It needs doing. The ‘Walk our talk’, as the natives call it. To do what we are talking about.

Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break.
And all things can be mended.
Not by time, as they say, but by intention and direction.
So go. Love deliberately, lavishly, unconditionally.
The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is in you.
– L.R. Knost

An organic end of the patriarchal system is taking place and an equally organic new cycle is being prepared. Old structures break up and fail everywhere: whether on a large or small scale, outside or inside: functioning, suppressing, repressing, distracting, commanding and obeying no longer work. As in the autumn the leaves fall off the trees, because the new buds are already pushing out of the branches, so we live in a time when the previous system has come to an end. The germ cells of the new and at the same time ancient, original, holy and true break open, root and grow. Finally. Time for confidence.

Seed, wildflower and grass root

‘What did you do not do to bury me? But you did not know that I was a seed.’ Dinos Christianopoulos, the Greek poet and voice of the homosexuals in the twentieth century, responded with this metaphor to the efforts of the literary community to marginalize him and his work. Likewise, rap artist Lil Wayne sings: ‘Throw dirt at me and grow a wildflower.‘ It’s about time for the seeds to root and grow and the wildflowers to thrive in millions. That which should be suppressed, devalued, excluded and destroyed. The germ cells of a good life for all beings. Or as Clarissa Pinkola Estés puts it: That may never disappear from the earth what belongs to her and the wild nature of the feminine in women and men finally blossoms and unfolds in original medicine.

Because everything in our cosmos is focused on healing, balance, and becoming whole, life is making its way. Life is a power that is indestructible. A resurrected medicine lives in the power of life, which – despite all attempts to destroy it, devalue, exclude and eradicate it – serves life, truth and the primordial. That which serves the great whole and the one truth of everything. It is the wild nature of life that, despite all eradication efforts, remains, survives, grows, and brings back life where destruction has occurred.

Perhaps these world-changing movements are therefore called grassroot movement. Grass is the first green that recurs when Grandmother Earth was injured. Let us be the grassroot movement that we want to leave as a legacy to our children and future generations, to all beings in our world. Let us be the seed that rises, the hope-giving wildflower, the nutritious and protective green, what the world needs as medicine. Let us joyfully realize and bring into the world, and confidently look to the future saying about ourselves: ‘I am a matriarchal germ cell!’

Happy full moon, happy spring time and blissful sacred activism in our lives! May we blossom and thrive, sisters, together we rise! <3 <3 <3

Photo: Katharina Sebert

About the author: Katharina Sebert is a naturopath practitioner, therapist, medicine path companion, teacher, author, healer and peace activist, she is a life-, love-, and happiness-researcher and all-time learner at the Center for In-depth Healing ‘In guten Händen’ (www.in-guten-Haenden.com). She offers healing and empowerment circles, seminars and training, has developed the format of the WildgansFrauenFlugKreis (WildGeeseWomen’sFlyingCircle), in which she also offers training, and comes to you in your city and in your (women’s) circle, if the way to Munich in Germany is too far. She sends monthly a free email letter, which you can subscribe to on her website. There you can also draw the ‘Message Cards of Love’.

Katharina Sebert has developed the Ancient Mother Method®, a deep healing method for healing unconscious patterns of life and belief, and accompanies people by phone, remotely and on-site on their path of healing, memory, consciousness and medicine: “Our work is for love and forgiveness, for remembrance and healing, for the community of all beings and world peace. ”

Katharina is a Regional Coordinator for Gather the Women Global Matrix™, a worldwide sisterhood that unites women by coming together in circles. Women of all directions and walks of life, of all cultures, traditions, countries, ages, colors, experiences and competencies who stand hand in hand, heart to heart and shoulder to shoulder, affirming and encouraging each other, in all their greatness, dignity, beauty, wisdom and power to show and stand up together for a peaceful, connected and life supporting world.

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