On the Heroine’s Journey! – A Plea for Audacity and Daring

October 7th, 2018 | Posted by Dee Ryder in Gather the Women

On the Heroine’s Journey! – A Plea for Audacity and Daring


Foto: Katharina Sebert

By Katharina Sebert. This venus year is a good birth time for the Sacred Feminine as it breaks open and enables break-throughs where old patriarchal patterns reigned way too long. It feels tingling new and excitingly good, although or right because we are all – like Inanna – from time to time kind of hanging on the meat hook in the underworld. Behind us lies a year full of change, farewell, love, laughter, plans, chaos, tears, reconstruction, new beginnings, dreams, breaking off, failure and success, getting up again and going on. What a wild year! Does this sound familiar to you?

At each of the gates to the underworld we left something, solved and healed something, was snatched from us, we lamented or groaned, surrendered or gave up, wrestled or fought. It was a challenging year, a wild, profound, transforming, ecstatic, eruptive-volcanic, blazing fire and miraculous year. A true year of growth. A year in which we could have broken. Or one from which we can emerge like phoenix from the ashes.

“It’s unbelievable how naked I have to get in order to keep everything flowing”, a friend of mine wrote today, “how all walls simply break away,” and “maybe it’s also the quality of time that demands that of all of us.” – We are in a collective heroine’s journey that demands everything from each and every one of us. No stone shall remain on the other, so that we can build paths and bridges out of the former walls, so that we can reassemble our bones and ourselves anew.

We are together on this heroine’s journey, sisters. Life is an adventure and miracles always wait outside the comfort zone. I am ready. You too?

In love with the Unknown

This is how it begins, the heroine’s journey. We flirt with the new, are far from aware of the scope and consequences of our decision and in no way of what it entails, when we so wonderfully wisely and light-heartedly, daringly agree that life may move us when we say YES! to the new spaces that reveal themselves to us and for which we long, as deeply as they long for us.

When we say goodbye to old spaces that had their time already and set off into new and unknown realms, we have to earn that, because we don’t get their maps handed out in advance. Only through many experiences they write themselves into our cells, the unfathomable ways of the underworld, the audacity and daring of the heroines.

Courage inspires Courage

Courage inspires courage. But this we only learn on our journey. Through setbacks and supposed failures, through pain and lifelessness and the resulting longing for life and liveliness. Courage grows to us by sticking to the call of our soul, by agreeing to be sharpened, by again and again coming into the clarity that corresponds to our truth.

Audaciously we have to be on this journey again and again, full of vision and free of small-mindedness that is snatched from us again and again. Hopefully. Because some will give up and forbid themselves their longing for liveliness, expansion and deepening. And therefore die a bit and become narrow, old and rigid. That is the essence of the heroine’s journey: To step again and again out of the pain of No into the liveliness of Yes. From the field of fear into the field of love.

The Soul wants to live Vastness lively

When we ask those who have embarked on the heroine’s journey and have been reborn, they tell us: “Rightfully we may, should, and yes!, we MUST vision soul-wide, fearless and truthful.” We need courage at all stages of the heroine’s journey. Confidence in the call of our soul – not blindly and naively simply making it – but the blessed confidence of the farsighted, who follow the vision of their very own Holy Mountains, that is THE medicine at all stations of the heroic journey.

On the heroic journey we learn that every hesitation and doubt, every anxious pausing and maybe rather staying-there-where-we-have-installed-ourselves-once-upon-a-time, although it no longer delights, inspires, pleases and fulfills us, and only causes us pain. We learn that trust and courage pay off. Our soul wants to make experiences. And that means new ones, and not repeating the old ones for all eternity. At some point we are ready, have suffered enough and step to the next gate of the underworld to free ourselves.

Foto: Katharina Sebert

Breakdown or Breakthrough?

With fear, trembling knees and chattering teeth we step to the next gate to pass through it. Challenges invite us to overcome our fears and follow our vision. Life wants us connected and free. Connected to the source of our soul and free for the development of our potential.

When our soul rebels against the familiar and expands into new spaces of life and experience, she is ready to face the fire boldly and daringly in order to be reborn alive and fresh again and in this way to experience personal spring again and again. After the heroic journey is before the heroic journey. The journey continues in spiral-shaped circles.

Life is an Adventure!

So she sets out, the visionary dreamer in us, and rejoices. What a blessing that we do not know what lies ahead of us before we can be born again. We have no idea HOW much we will grow in all the adventures that lie ahead.

For before the underworld releases us again, we must have gone through all the trials and mastered them. Many challenges are waiting for us, which want to know whether we really mean it seriously, whether we are really ready and open to stand naked in our truth and to fill our volume of life with completely new things.

The heroine’s journey is a path of healing and medicine, on which we gain more and more mastery. Mastery in letting go, in departure and farewell, in becoming naked, in vulnerability, in welcoming something new and especially in passing through our fears and trust in love and its ways.

Put to the Acid Test

Did we mean what we dreamed at the beginning? Is it really our truth, or were we just or even massively wrong with our easily and quickly said wishes? The underworld will drag us down and take everything from us that does not correspond to our deepest truth and our soul path. All illusions and negative patterns, all old wounds that would prevent the new.

But also persons, places, habits, old and familiar things, loved ones, and everything that we have become weary of long ago and have not yet had the courage to say goodbye to. The underworld will burn it away or we will perish from it. If we allow ourselves to stand in the fire and burn up completely, we will be resurrected from it in a new forged form.

That’s how we knock at the gate of the underworld. As in the myth of Inanna. We are courageous and equipped with everything that supposedly belongs to us, that supposedly serves, helps, supports and nourishes us, and yet has long since had its time. Holding on does not apply in the underworld. Everything, everything is snatched from us, for we can only experience death and rebirth naked. Naked, raw, pure, skinned and bare to the bone.

Foto: Katharina Sebert

Praised be what Makes us Conscious

But the prospect of rebirth is already an anticipation of the good end that every heroic journey has. Before that lies all that we have to lose and leave behind. A mostly quite painful – and above all relentlessly insightful – way through all our shadows. This awareness hurts. Aaaaaah, if only they weren’t so horrible, our shadows! All the fears and pettiness, our clinging and manipulation, the threatening gestures and guilt, everything for which we are ashamed and thereby become arrogant, the awareness of the prisons we have built to remain in the familiar.

The underworld forces us to look into the mirror and see our false masks and distorted faces there. And that’s a good thing. It is not a flower walk when we dive into the heroine’s journey. After all, we finally really want to stand in our true power and dignity and greatness. The heroic journey not only wants to snatch from us everything that no longer belongs to us, but above all it wants to free our hearts and hands, wash off our false ideas of us, of life and the world, and our unconscious, to make space for all the blessings that could actually reside there and want to unfold.

Dedication and Agreement

That is why we can trust this journey completely. Once we have begun it, there is no other way than through it. Everything that happens to us follows this one sacred purpose: to let us become who we really are. What is snatched from us wants to pave the way for something new and gracious. What is burned will nourish fruitful coming. What is healed frees us for the realization of our truth.

The Feathers of the Heroine want to be earned

It’s like with the Chiefs of the Native Americans: Every feather they wear in their war bonnet they have earned. The heroic journey is nothing for cowards and conflict avoiders, nothing for detainees, avoiders and eternally ignorant people. It is meant for those who want to live upright, wild, connected and free, who want to breathe vividly, love and celebrate life, who want to discover, explore and ecstatically experience themselves and the world. For all who love so deeply that they know that there is nothing more radical than devotion to life and love.

Be brave, it’s worth it!

The blood, tears and sweat, the fears and the passing through are worthwhile: The heroine’s journey is a gift of grace. From it we always – always – return richly gifted, newborn, rooted deeper in our truth, full of inspiration, trust, courage and confidence, more upright, bold, daring, dignified and wiser into the world. With new gifts for us, our life and work. With medicine.

Medicine Power

“Do you want medicine power?”, the frog asks the mouse in the story of Springing Mouse. With his stammering and astonished “Yes” the journey to his Sacred Mountains begins for him. A journey of transformation and healing, at the end of which he becomes an eagle. – It is the power of medicine that is placed in our empty hands when we have gone through the heroine’s journey. Gates open to new spaces and paradise gardens. Let us enter them and bless them with our very own and sacred medicine power.

Welcome and Aloha, dear Sister, we meet in the Garden!

Foto: Katharina Sebert

About the author: Katharina Sebert is a naturopath, companion, teacher, author, healing and peace activist, life, love and happiness researcher and all-time learner at the Center for Deep Healing ‘In Good Hands’ (www.in-guten-Haenden.com). She offers circles, seminars, trainings, ceremonies, individual training by video, as well as Ancient Mother Camps for women, has developed the format of the WildgansFrauenFlugKreis, in which she also trains, and comes to you in your city and in your (women) circle, if the way to Munich is too far. She sends out a free monthly newsletter, which you can subscribe to on her website. There you can also draw the ‘Botschaftenkarten der Liebe’.

Katharina Sebert has developed the Urmutter-Methode®, a deep healing method for the redemption of unconscious life and belief patterns, and accompanies people by telephone, from distance and on site on their healing, memory, consciousness and medicine path: “Our work serves love and forgiveness, memory and healing, the community of all beings and world peace”.

Katharina is a Regional Coordinator of Gather the Women Global Matrix™, our worldwide sisterhood that unites women by bringing them together in circles. Women of all directions, cultures, traditions, countries, ages, skin colors, experiences and competencies, standing hand in hand, heart to heart and shoulder to shoulder, affirming and encouraging each other to show their full greatness, dignity, beauty, wisdom and strength, and standing together for a peaceful, connected and life-supporting world.

Send her an email to: katharina@in-guten-haenden.com


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