We Are All Connected

October 8th, 2020 | Posted by Dee Ryder in Gather the Women

    Over the last couple of days I have connected with Marilyn Nyborg and Angie Lux. They are dear friends of mine who live in California and were with Gather the Women at the beginning. As I watched California burning on TV, I thought of my dear friends who live there. I got Marilyn’s phone number from Suzan Nolan so I could call her. It’s smoky and scary, but they are doing ok so far. Many years ago, my sister Kathy and I visited Marilyn and Georgia at their beautiful home. I called Angie and was relieved that she has her sister with her. Meanwhile Linda Higdon is visiting Suzan in South Dakota, and Linda and her husband work with the women in Africa.

    Because of Linda, I met Lucy Mburugu online. I have never known anyone in Africa before virtually or in person! I was able to wish her a happy birthday! Here in Juneau, Alaska, we are in the Tongass National Rainforest. It is Autumn and the light through the trees is so beautiful now. Because of Covid19, there have been no cruise ships in our harbor. No temporary jewelry shops selling tanzanite rings with a staff of men from other tourist destinations like the Bahamas or Jamaica. No sightseeing helicopters buzzing overhead all day long. The flip side of that is that the virus is a tremendous blow to our economy, but we are the Capitol city of Alaska and have a steady population base. Each day, my husband Doug looks at the Coronavirus stats for Juneau. The virus is here and it is a shared experience with the rest of the country and the world. After talking with Marilyn, Angie, Georgia, and Suzan, and with a “Hi” to Linda, I do feel better. We are not in sacred circle with a candle in the middle, but we ARE together.

As the mantra goes, “Stay safe!”

With love,

Barbara Belknap

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