March 3rd, 2021 | Full size: 1920 × 2560

DAWN GANDALF – MATRIX CONVENER – There are things I know, things I have learned from deep inside. I have learned patience, acceptance and tolerance from my relations the TreeElders; I have learned community from BeeSisters; been affirmed by the consistent flow of a river to the ocean; hoots of an owl while sending prayers on the wind in the deep silence of the pre-dawn. I have assisted bringing in life and looked into the eyes those leaving and washed/anointed their bodies; I have rocked children and Sisters; shared the “deep end of the pool” with many hearts while gaining respect & compassion bridging differences; I have felt how healing forgiveness is; & most importantly, I have loved and been loved. Who else I am won’t be measured by linear standards but by how I show up when called. The best role model in my life is how “S/HE” has shown me infinite patience; generosity [creativity] providing “lessons” to grow by; no attachment to outcome with unconditional love & acceptance. I strive to do no less with others. I have been “called” & am ready to continue to serve HER, sharing what I have learned of the Divine Feminine with GTW. I have spoken and I am complete *) featherdawn 9 aka fd9

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