Eight+ Wise Actions

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Eight+ Wise Actions By Barbara Belknap, Juneau, Alaska   Three years ago on June 15, 2017 I wrote a blog titled “Health and Healing”. An American woman in GTW named Rose had shared her practices to weather the storm. She wrote about “a tornado-like energy swirling around fraught with disaster, impending doom and fear of …
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My life with Gather the Women

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My life with Gather the Women ~ Barbara Belknap   I am a past Convener – I term-limited out after we instituted term limits, but I will always be a sister to all my sisters in GTW. I came of age in the 1960s – the second wave of feminism. I marched in the 1980s …
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Foto: Nancy Nolin © Katharina Sebert. The world needs people rising in their medicine and healing the destruction we have caused. We need the strength and wisdom of mothers and grandmothers to guard what never shall vanish from the Earth. It is July 2014 and finally the book has arrived for which I have been waiting for …
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On the Heroine’s Journey! – A Plea for Audacity and Daring   Foto: Katharina Sebert By Katharina Sebert. This venus year is a good birth time for the Sacred Feminine as it breaks open and enables break-throughs where old patriarchal patterns reigned way too long. It feels tingling new and excitingly good, although or right because …
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Please also see the Blog posting below by Heather Plett after viewing this wonderful video.   The conditions for deep and meaningful friendship

Time for confidence, sisters – we are the germ cells of the new! © by Katharina Sebert   We are growing everywhere. Coming together in circle as sisters and as leaders in every chair makes us strong, empowers us and encourages us to stand up for a world that is good for all beings. A …
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Hope and Healing

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At some point in the not too distant past, I printed out a post by a woman named Rose. I don’t know her last name or which group of friends she is in, but I think it’s valuable and want to share it with you. Rose writes about “a tornado-like energy swirling around fraught with …
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“Women Who Run with the Wolves” and those who try to keep up! A dedicated group of GTW women are reading “Women Who Run with the Wolves”, the Clarissa Pinkola Estes classic. It’s not an easy read. The Albuquerque Tribune book reviewer wrote, “This isn’t some snappy self-help breeze-along packed with one-liners about mining the …
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July 2016 Newsletter

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Please click here to see the July 2016 Newsletter