Our Circle Coordinator Program, the Heart of Gather the Women~

The Circle Coordinator Program is composed of women all around the world who have “heard the call” to gather women into Circle, resonating with the Vision Statement of GTW. This is a GLOBAL movement of women who want their life choices to enhance the lives of women everywhere, and they are convinced that a world that is safe and welcoming for women is safe and welcoming for everyone else as well.

Our Circle Coordinators (CCs) seek to reach all women, not to change minds but to connect hearts. We believe that once we are connected heart-to-heart and move into the deeper qualities and values of the Feminine, changes for the good of all are created. We encourage women to find their voices, claim their power and celebrate their self-worth for personal and planetary transformation as well as to follow their hearts, minds, and passions in service or activism.

A Circle Coordinator is encouraged to:

  • Be familiar with the GTWGM Vision Statement and Circle Principles. http://peerspirit.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/PeerSpirit-Circle-Guidelines2010.pdf
  • Create and anchor a Circle in her own area. This is not a requirement because sometimes this is not possible for various reasons.
  • Participate in the Circle Coordinators’ monthly Zoom calls, whenever possible. These occur on the second Monday of each month, at 9:00 a.m. PST/PDT and at 4:00 p.m. PST/PDT using Circle Principles and a talking piece. These Zoom calls give us a chance to meet other women holding this role, hear what they have done or are planning to do in their own circles, and to share your own experience, wisdom and activities. There is always a Host who leads the call with a topic and check-in question, a timekeeper so that all women have an opportunity to speak and be heard and a Guardian who holds the sacred Rim of the circle for the highest intentions of all participants.
  • Encourage women in her area to register on the Gather the Women Global Matrix website, join the Gather the Women Facebook group as well as her local Facebook if she chooses to create one.

RC Program

As of January 1, 2018, we have 157 Circle Coordinators serving globally, 80 in various locations in the United States and 77 from Canada and other countries around the world, making GTW a truly GLOBAL sisterhood!

Once a year many CCs and other GTW-aligned women attend a three-day Gathering for a celebration of the Feminine! These days include wisdom circles of deep sharing and listening, rituals, drumming, singing, dancing, and ceremonies! Past Gatherings have been held in Seattle (2009), San Francisco (2010), Racine, WI (2011), Peterborough, Ontario, Canada (2012), Lake Tahoe, NV (2013) and Rapid City, SD (2014), DaySpring Conference Center, north of Sarasota, FL (2015), Los Gatos, CA (2016), and the Peaceful Valley Retreat Center, Lyons CO (2017). Please consider joining us! We are waiting for you!