Circles are the heart of Gather the Women. Circles have the power to transform the world—woman by woman, circle by circle! A circle is a gathering in the form of actually sitting in a circle and following general guidelines that facilitate authentic conversation. The circle form is nonhierarchical—everyone’s input holds equal importance. It fosters listening to and learning from every participant.

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Gather the Women is a global community of diverse women transforming distances, differences, and isolation into opportunities for collaboration and leadership. We invite each of you to take the next step in activating the incredible power of women’s wisdom.

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    It’s an exciting, life-changing leadership opportunity.
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Creating a circle simply involves bringing a group of women together to start an ongoing conversation, and committing to set aside time and a space for the circle on a regular basis. In a circle, leadership is rotated and the circle decides as a group the direction it wishes to go. Circles can involve a meaningful movie and discussion, book studies, movement, meditation, crafting, and so on. Tools to Get Started