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Gather the Women IWD Ritual Event Details

This year Gather the Women will participate in an International Women's Day Ritual by holding the spiritual space for the

IWD 2022 #BreakTheBias Themes by IMAGINING:

  1. a gender equal world, free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination;

  2. a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive;

  3. a world where difference is valued and celebrated.

Our intent is to expand awareness and value of integrating our "doing" with our "being" by holding the Energy [as Guardians] in support of all participants for this 2022 IWD event.

We encourage participation in an International Circle Ritual by:

  • Reaching out and inviting our sisters in each country to hold an in-person or a virtual zoom event ritual on two Sundays: March 6 and 13 .

  • Holding a ritual on Sunday prior to March 8 and the Sunday after March 8 creates a sacred space, a container, to honor all these multiple points of inclusion and light for our planet.

  • Demonstrating the spiritual aspect of "being" instead of "doing" by creating sacred space and verbalizing (i.e., putting into the circle words that would convey the theme) and holding space for what other women's circles are doing. We are spiritually holding sacred space for the collective.

  • Honoring and supporting women worldwide who are actively participating in IWD 2022 by "doing," GTW is actively demonstrating and teaching how to "Be" more fully present.

  • Being more fully present in our support of the vision, we carry that energy into the world. Our 2022 ritual will send our "heart-space" out to everything that is going on around the planet. That's the sacredness of our contribution.

Zoom Events in the U.S.


GTW will be hosting two zoom events: one on Sunday, March 6 from 10:00am PST to 12:00pm PST to open our ritual and one on Sunday, March 13 to close our ritual from 10:00am PDT to 12:00pm PDT

Molly Remer

Our opening speaker for the March 6 event will be Molly Remer, MSW, D.Min

Molly is a priestess facilitating women’s circles, seasonal rituals, and family ceremonies in central Missouri. She is the author of nine books and is the creator of the devotional experience 


Jean Shinoda Bolen

Our closing speaker for the March 13 event will be Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Jean is a psychiatrist, Jungian analyst, an internationally known speaker and author of thirteen influential books in over one hundred foreign editions including: The Tao of Psychology, Goddesses in Everywoman,  Crossing to Avalon, Goddesses in Older Women, Crones Don’t Whine, The Millionth Circle, Like A Tree, Urgent Message From Mother, Moving Toward the Millionth Circle, and Artemis: The Indomitable Spirit in Everywoman

Special "Stone Soup" Project


In conjunction with our IWD Circle activities we invite women around the world to participate in a "Stone Soup" project to help further enhance the energy of the IWD2022 Themes. You are encouraged to find a stone and decorate it with an empowerment message that resonates with you. Then lay your decorated stone on a piece of fabric or paper and take a photo so that only the stone and its message are visible on a solid colored background. Email the photo of your stone along with your first name and your location to The subject line of your email should be "Stone Soup Submission."

The photos that are submitted will become part of a "stone soup collage" that carries the empowering energy of women throughout the world. The collage will be displayed on this website and will keep growing as more stones are added to the soup! We recommend that you place your stone on your altar or sacred place in your home and meditate with it throughout the year, thus keeping the energy of IWD2022 alive. You could also bring it to your circles and place it in the middle with other stones that each woman has brought.

Show Your Support

  1. Share our Press Release with your women's organizations.

  2. If you have a website you could post the GTW IWD2022 logo on your homepage with a link back to  <> Below are various sizes of the logo for your use.

To download simply Control-click on the image and choose "Save Image As" to save it to your computer.

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