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Women of Vision and Action (WOVA)


The Wheel of Transformation is a focus point for WOVA activities. The Wheel and its 12 sectors represents the major functions of any social body. The whole symbolizes the society for which we are all responsible. We identify with one or more sectors as our individual role; other sectors are where we desire to effect change. When one sector fails, the others are affected. We see the Wheel as a precious chalice which holds all of our potential. 

The purpose of this process is to bring ourselves into the activity of evolving the 12 sectors of the Wheel. It is a visioning process for the whole group. then participants break into small groups of 10 or less for further exploration of their findings. The process has the potential to be a platform upon which all ideas can be placed, letting the natural synergy among the separate parts awaken, eventually revealing clear possibilities for action. The intention is to evoke a fresh blueprint for the new millennium by tapping into the highest potential for humanity which is truly within each of us.

Individual Sectors

Peace & Security: At Home & in the World

Conflict Resolution: Moving from Conflict to Compassion
Peace Making: Peace Keeping
Cooperative Security
Military Conversion


Youth: The Next Generation

Listening to and Incorporating Youthful Perspectives
and Energy into Global Problem Solving
Developing Young Women's Forums
Creating Inter-generational Relations
Mentoring our Youth


Education: For a New World

Whole Systems Approach to Education
Educational Technologies for Self and Social Transformation
Using Community Resources as an Alternative
to Compulsory Education
Progressive Trends


Science & Technology: The Leading Edge

Communication Information Technologies
Bio-Engineering & the Future of Life
Sustainable Technologies
Cooperative Conversion from Earth to Space


Business & Economics: Emerging Paradigms

Integrating Spiritual & Economic Values
Finding Life's Purpose in the Workplace
Building Sustainable Infra-structures


Governance & Law: Spiritual Values, Ethics & Government

Policy Making: Reflecting Our Common Humanity
Human Values, Human Rights, Social Justice
Global & Self Governance


Media: For Social Change

Redefining Socially Responsible Media
Addressing Violence in the Media
Positive News Reporting
Empowering the Viewer


Ecology: Restoring Earth's Environment

Inter-Relationship of Nature & Spirituality
Environmental Education & Technologies
Aligning with the Laws of Nature


The Arts: The Role of Culture in a Multi-Cultural World

Art as a Bridge Between People & Nations
Artistic Expression as a Way of "Being"
Bringing Creativity into Every Aspect of Our Lives
Healing Through the Arts


Spirituality & Religion: Integration of Spiritual Values & Social Ideals

Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogue
The Voice of Women in Religious & Spiritual Traditions
Bridging Science & Spirit


Community: Local & Global

Transforming Urgent Social Needs
Building Co-creative Relationships
Creating Sustainable & Thriving Communities
Designing Whole Systems


Health & Healing: New Frontiers

Body - Mind - Spirit
Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World
Social Change Through Wellness
New Healing Technologies

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