dawn and ub

January 14th, 2021 | Full size: 1504 × 2016

Dawn Gandalf (l)
Ursula Bischoff (r)
We are humbled to share the role of Matrix Convener at this time of global transformation and rebirth. We’re committed, with our sister Conveners, to growing collaborative, co-creative practices of heart-centered leadership to expand and deepen our global sisterhood. We celebrate and value every woman’s unique voice and feel called to GTWGM because we – separately and together – have experienced the power and beauty that flow when diverse women’s voices are united in a language that begins with “WE!” We feel called to serve GTWGM so all women can share in the healing, nurturing and renewal that sacred circle offers through the connection, compassion, understanding, respect, acceptance and unconditional love of our sisters. The relationship, wisdom and potential for personal and planetary transformation that sisters share in circle is the heart of GTWGM and what inspires our commitment. And, well, spending time dreaming the future together and with our GTW sisters is a whole lot of fun!

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