Give with Heart on Giving Tuesday

YOU are the heart of Gather the Women Global Matrix!  On this global day of giving, we invite you to join us in creating, expanding and sustaining circles that connect women around the world. Gather the Women Global Matrix is a 501(c)3 non-profit which operates with no paid staff. We invite you, who know the value of circle in your life, to donate time, talent and/or treasure (funds).

Become one of the many volunteers who make GTW possible!   Donate your time and talent by clicking this link to complete the GTW Volunteer Survey.


Make a single or recurring monthly tax-deductible donation 



Your donation will support a remarkable community of GTW sisters who have participated in these accomplishments in 2020:

  • The Circle of Stones has expanded to 6 days and 3 evening circles each week.
  • Ongoing circles include monthly circles, Circle Conversations and GTW’s Virtual Sisterhood, the bi-weekly Book Circle, and seasonal Turning of the Wheel (Solstices and Equinoxes) Circles.
  • The Sacred Mandala (GTW’s Divine Feminine Leadership structure) has welcomed new circles, including volunteers tending Communications and Marketing and SAGE Sisters (mentoring) circles.
  • The number of women who engage with our social media posts has tripled in the past year.
  • Hundreds of women from all around the globe have joined us, seeking heart-to-heart connection!

Share GTW with a sister and expand our connections around the globe.


With love and blessings,

The Grants & Endowments Circle: Ursula Bischoff, Dawn Gandolf, Nancy Nolin, Susan Lynn Keyes, Mary Cunningham, and Judith Hurley Prosser


GTW Vision Statement

Gather the Women Global Matrix™ (GTW)  is a worldwide sisterhood that connects women through Circles, creating safe space to share our true selves. In Circles, we find our voices, reclaim our power and remember our self-worth. We celebrate our unique diversity as well as the rising of the Divine Feminine, leading to personal and planetary transformation.