Calendar of Circles

How might your life have been different if……..

All of the calls are on Zoom, see below the call times and an explanation of the different calls.

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Zoom room ID number is…..  5202550423   the password is Sisters   (password is case sensitive)

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Weekly Circle of Stones Zoom calls

Monday – Saturday  8:00am PDT to 8:45am PDT

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings 5:30pm PDT to 6:15pm PDT


GTW’s Virtual Sisterhood Zoom call

Every fourth Tuesday, 4:00 pm PDT to 5:15 pm PDT


GTW’s Circle Conversations Zoom call

On the second Monday of every month there are 2 calls ..

One is at 9:00am PDT to 10:30am PDT and the other is at 4:00pm PDT to 5:30pm PDT


Circle of Stones Zoom calls

Circle of Stones began with Judith Duerk’s book “Circle of Stones” and her question, “How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you to go to be with your mother, with your sisters and the aunts, with your grandmothers, and the great- and great-great grandmothers, a place for women to go, to be, to return to, as women? How might your life be different?”

Gather the Women Circle of Stones ask you “What is bubbling up for you, today?” It is an opportunity for you to share with your sisters from around the globe.

Circle of Stones calls are opportunities for Women to come together in a Sacred space to; be heard       [if she chooses to speak], & held with deep listening.  This is NOT a therapy group or cross talking/opinion circle  [unless asked for and agreed to by all others]. All voices are heard and respected with full CONFIDENTIALITY.. What is happens in circle STAYS in circle.

What happens during a 45 Minute Circle of Stones Call?  

A Circle of Stones Hostess: 

  • Lights a candle – participants are invited to light their own candles.
  • Intones an audio signal indicating that the Circle is being cast. 
  • Poses the question:  “What is alive in you today? What wants to be spoken into the Circle?”
    • People share as they are inspired to do so.
    • Silence is honored. 
  • Ends the Circle by dedicating the energy of the Circle and blowing out the candle.     
  • Announcements are shared  


GTW’s Virtual Sisterhood Zoom call

In recognizing how many of us do not have access to join with other women in a physical location for a variety of reasons, this circle is gathering online on the 4th Tuesday each month at 4:00 pm PDT. In addition, we can meet each other here and share thoughts, ideas, our lives, and our desire to connect. From this beginning we will grow into a unique expression of the power to transcend any physical challenges and use the unseen energy of technology to bring us together. We are a circle of women to support each other and to radiate peacefulness and compassion with each other.

We will be excited to see you join us in GTW’s Virtual Sisterhood Call. These monthly Zoom circles have a volunteer host who brings forward a theme to give every sister an opportunity to talk about her experience and to enjoy circle in a deeper way.


GTW’s Circle Conversations

GTW encourages inclusion of not only Circle Coordinators who host their own Circles but also any and all women who are interested in learning more about Circle Process. Sisters here are in alignment with the Vision Statement of Gather the Women. If either of these descriptions is who you are, then please request to join us here. And welcome home!

On these calls there is a topic and a couple of questions to spark the conversation. There is a different volunteer Host and Guardian per circle. Each sister has an opportunity to presence herself in the circle and to know her voice is heard.


Gather the Women Global Matrix has sisters around in the world sitting in circles with more women gathering in circle than ever before. 

All you need to do is show up, bring your talking piece and put your voice into circle – you are always welcome.