How to use the Gather the Women’s
Global Events Calendar.

Please see the Note ** below if you have a Google calendar of your own.

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Women, though GTW, have been able to connect heart to heart transcending continents and countries. Now you too can join with women from around the world and be part of creating the sacred space we call Circle.

On this calendar, click on any of the Circles that sound interesting to you for the description and details of the event. You’ll see that some of the Circles are private and some are open to all of us. If you’d like to be on the emailing list for any of the public events, click on the Contact Us tab at the top left corner of this page, and we’ll include you in the email that sends the agenda for that event.

**If you use a Google Calendar, simply click on the Google Calendar box at the bottom right of this calendar and it will shift the timing to your local time.  If you do not have a Google Calendar, click on the Time Zone Converter and you can easily calculate what time the events are in your area.