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Creating Sacred Altars

Session Two

In these times we are surrounded by big global challenges. Decades ago I made the inner choice to honor the Mother Earth and give thanks for her Beauty and Abundance daily. This keeps me connected with Source, the Divine Feminine and my own heart.


Over the years this intention has grown as a natural expression of my gratitude and devotion for her in my daily life. Creating Nature- Honoring- and Prayer-altars brings everything in alignment with the natural laws and the Self. Also, my Feather Art is a thanksgiving to the Winged Ones and the Mother.

It makes me feel deeply connected and the receiving of nature- items is one of the first things I open up to during holidays, retreats and earthly walks. I never came home with empty hands; when your heart is open to receive what loves to come forward, surely will beauty come.

There are many ways to include these spirit and ancestral energies in your sacred space They hold and send prayers, inviting spirit beings to come forward to share their Wisdom for only 'the Highest Good'.

Over the years and after many ceremonies I have become aware of how the spiritual energies of that altars bring to heal and resonate in co-creation and alignment with what I am calling forth.

How amazing to receive the blessings of the beautiful powers and energy of all items put on an altar with reverence and love.

Especially in these challenging times our personal ceremonies and alter can hold us in connection, gratitude and inner peace.


Angelique Amaya Lupe is a shamanic practitioner, Circle-keeper and Ceremonial Leader. She offers her personal Native Art and Altars in alignment and in service with the Divine Feminine.

You can learn more at her website.

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