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Breathe Into

Session Five

Your breath is an amazing tool. It can help you center, ground, enhance your presence, and engage with life more fully. It is always available at no cost. With a little practice you can develop a relationship with an amazing tool that you can use any time anywhere.


Based on neuroscience. we know nose breathing can turn off stress and turn on relaxation. With knowledge and practice, you can use breath in a life enhancing way. Sharon Harvey Alexander of Mountain Wisdom Holistic Health has seen how a breathing practice will help you to be who you really are as your breath guides you back to your natural state of well- being.

Some simple steps to begin a relationship with your Breath is in Sharon Alexander's YouTube for the Sacred Ground Collective circle.

Here are some first steps:

  • Sit comfortably in a space where you feel safe, peaceful and uninterrupted.

  • Bring awareness to your breathing. Notice the sensations as you breathe.

  • What is the breath telling you about your ability to be calm, where you hold stress?

  • If your mind wanders, just gently bring it back to noticing.

  • Notice how your breath moves through your nostrils, through your throat and into your lungs. The mouth is meant to take food to the belly, the nose is meant to take air to your lungs. Mouth breathing continues the stress response while nose breathing activates the calming response.

  • Attending to the breath may bring up old, uncomfortable feelings. As you notice any, do what you need to be comfortable while you continue letting the breath do its work. These are memories that may be asking for additional tools such as you counseling.



Sharon Harvey Alexander is an integrative health counselor who guides individuals to a place where they can discover and bring their whole self into all that they do. Her goal is to move them from surviving to thriving.


To learn more go to her website or read her book, Learning to Breathe, Learning to Live.

Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health

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