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Using Peripheral
Vision to Alter Mental

Session Six

Using the mind-body connection, it is possible to change your thoughts, emotions, and states of being by engaging the body in certain specific activities.


One easy way to access states of relaxation, heightened awareness, meditation, self- hypnosis, creative problem solving and the ability to recall information easily is by employing a simple technique utilizing peripheral vision. Engaging peripheral vision is effective at simultaneously producing relaxation and rapid absorption of information, and the state-of-being induced by maintaining peripheral vision is an ideal state for increased learning.


This technique can be done almost anywhere, any time.


The technique is known as soft focus, soft eyes, or Owl Eyes.


Developing your wide peripheral vision and thus altering your brain state requires no equipment and very little time or effort.


This technique is known as Owl Eyes, as it uses the wisdom of owls to explain how to expand perception and alter brain states. An owl’s eyes are fixed in their sockets, and cannot move. We will imitate that as we learn this technique.

  • Relax, and soften your eyes. Pick a spot in front of you, and focus on it.

  • Now, imitating an owl’s wings, spread your arms directly out to your sides.

  • While continuing to gaze at your chosen spot, wiggle your fingers.

  • Looking out of the sides of your eyes, look for your fingers. If you can’t see them, move your arms slightly forward until you can.

  • Keeping your eyes fixed on your chosen spot and continuing to watch your fingers, shift your awareness and notice what is in front and above you.

  • Now, while holding your view of what is in front and to both sides of you, turn your awareness to what is in front and below you.

  • Imagine you are an owl, with eyes fixed in their sockets. Keep your eyes still.

  • Breathe regularly, and if you notice you have narrowed your focus, you can easily return to using your peripheral vision now that you have experienced it.


This is Owl Eyes.

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