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In Our Right Minds

Session Seven Mundane Routines & Rituals

What is your morning ritual? Every morning, I take the dog out into the back, we smell what’s on the wind, look to see where the sun is rising, listen to the birds of the season, and feel the crisp air or damp humidity. It’s both mundane (practical, ordinary, of the world) and magical. Every afternoon, I take the dog to the park to meet with our friends and play. It’s
a commonplace (ordinary, unremarkable) kind of day.


What I’ve realized is, the commonplace is our common place. It’s the figurative place where we meet as humans to see and acknowledge our similarities. It’s the spiritual place where we meet the Divine in practical ordinary ways.


Our rituals - whether spiritual or mundane - keep us grounded in our world. Developing routines and rituals give us touchpoints throughout the days, weeks, months, and years. Like meditation or contemplation it helps us to develop awareness. We see what comes easy some days is a struggle others. We see when it’s time to change a routine or to create a new ritual to celebrate our lives.


Do you meditate every morning? Do you celebrate a sabbath each week? Do you honor the moon in her monthly phases? Do you revel at the solstices and equinoxes?

  • When we meet in circle, we set boundaries of sacred space. We can use this experience to set boundaries in our daily lives of who we permit in our physical, mental, and emotional spaces.

  • When we go for a stroll in the evening, we can digest our experiences of the day along with our dinner.

  • When we drink our 8 glasses of water, we can also bless the waters of the earth and share gratitude for the nourishment we receive.

  • When we make choices about how we nourish our bodies, we can also consider what we take in that nourish ... or poison ... our hearts and minds.


When we honor our routines and rituals, we honor ourselves and the beautiful, magical mundane world.

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