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Fox Walking

Session Eight

When walking in the woods and a deer is spotted, how cool would it be to get within touching distance of that deer without being detected and having it bound off?

This is possible using a technique that was taught to me as Fox Walking.

Walking silently in deep woods is not impossible. It involves careful placement of the feet, using your peripheral vision, and walking with awareness and intention. Mastering Fox Walking will allow you to go on your way, attracting no more attention than any other animal that belongs in that space.

Here’s how it’s done.

  • First, wear very thin soled foot wear, just wear socks, or go barefoot.

  • Bend your knees a bit, relax your body, and extend one foot, toes first.

  • Lightly contact the ground with the outside edge of your foot.

  • Roll your foot, connecting the ground with the ball of the foot and finally, committing

    the heel. If at any time the sole of your food touches something that might cause

    noise, like a stick that could break, lift your foot and place it elsewhere.

  • Again, roll your foot carefully onto the ground, feeling and being aware of what is under

    it. When you are sure there is nothing to make noise and broadcast an alert, commit

    your weight to that step.

  • Repeat with the other foot and keep going. Continue checking the ground like a fox,

    ensuring you can walk quietly.


When Fox-walking, hold your head steady, and refrain from watching your feet. Fox-walking allows us to walk quietly yet use our dominant sense, our sight, so we can tune into all that is around us and not just our feet.


When stealthily approaching wild deer, or any animal for that matter, keep your eyes in wide peripheral vision (Owl Eyes) and then imagine yourself as a fox quietly walking in the woods attending to its own business. A fox is an animal that is no threat to a deer, and imagining you are a fox not only quiets your human ‘active- mind’ but keeps your usual thought-forms from alerting deer or other animals to the presence of a human.

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