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Integrated Healing

Session Ten

A personalized integrated protocol means combining a variety of processes for accomplishing your goals. Some of your goals may be large ones -changing profession, dealing with trauma, or running your first marathon. Most of your goals are how to deal with everyday challenges. What should I do when I feel unmotivated? Why do I keep getting sick with minor ailments? How do I deal with stress with my family?

Lifeskills Toolbox

Your toolbox is a set of practices that you can use to create balance and clarity in your life. Some of your personalized toolbox actions are things you do alone but not all of them. You may work with practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, counselors or massage therapists. Sometimes you’ll do things with a group of others such as board games, classes, hiking, or singing.

You can develop a flexible menu of skills and tools and you’ll learn the best time to use them. Some will become daily practices and others for emergencies. Some will be lifelong and others will come and go. All of them will be useful in helping you craft the life that you

want. Here’s a sample of a Lifeskills Toolbox.


I encourage you to explore the Integrative Healing Center website to find out about how you can learn more about integrated healing protocols and how to use them in your own life.

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