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Sound: The Anxiety Antidote

Session Eleven

If you've ever felt anxious, you know how disconnected you feel from yourself and anything resembling reality. Your body experiences devastating surges of stress, prompting your brain to prepare itself for fight, flight, freeze mode. To fight off whatever has made you anxious, your brain floods your central nervous system with adrenaline and cortisol. In this state, your thoughts become foggy and confusion sets in. Your best efforts to manage the anxiety with rational thought fall short, as anxiety is not something you can think yourself out of.

Happily, there is a tool for transforming a state of chaos to calm. Ancient traditions understood the healing power of sound and rhythm as a pathway to renewal and restoration. Recent research shows that the sound of crystal singing bowls change brain states, allowing one to uplift a mood, stabilize a moment, or shift the trajectory of one's life.

When experiencing a moment where you feel anxious or confused, take a pause and choose to give yourself a moment to just be. Get comfortable, then notice your breath. When you are ready, push the 'play' button on your device. Experience the harmonic music of crystal sound energy as it moves through you, gently retrieving the disparate parts of you and restoring wholeness. The music I am offering you today is produced by gemstone-infused Alchemy crystal singing bowls which create a lush acoustic wave that synchronizes with the crystalline structure in your own body. Layers of stress begin to melt away, your jaw softens, your breath rhythm deepens, and you allow yourself to feel the peaceful flow of body/mind and spirit.

This track titled "The Way of Sky," is my gift to you. Let it take you softly on a journey inward, unwinding, un-layering and restoring the energy of possibility... and the potential of who you truly are.

Tryshe Dhevney is a Sound Energy Expert, Author, International Speaker and bestselling Alchemy Crystal Bowl recording artist with Sounds True. She has several decades of experience assisting others in creating health, wealth and wholeness through the transforming properties of the voice and crystal sound energy. Her mission is to place this evolutionary tool in the palm of every hand.

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