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Deep Six, Initiating

Session Twelve

In ancient cultures, wise ones knew the power of conscious intention and personal focus to imbue an area or item with specific blessings.

Whether a grove, a tree, a stone, lakes or streams. Prayers of intention were sent into specific forms generation after generation. Those places were considered sacred and were honored for the powerful frequencies that radiated from them.

The same was true for words or phrases. For example, in Aramaic the word Abwoom means the process of all potential coming into birth, the whole act of creation. You say one word and the entirety is understood.

As you walk forward from this event, we, your healing fire tenders gift you with two such words.

Deep Six

Many years ago, those two words came together like a collective field of intelligence to say, "Use us". Since then, they have been imbued with conscious intention by hundreds and hundreds of healers and wise ones to be the declaration that says to those in spiritual bodies, "Heal what is causing this pain in me."

Declaring, Deep Six when you become aware of any pain, discomfort, angst, whether of yourself or others, will call in the response of incredible healers from the unseen worlds. Your declaration gives them permission to begin transforming the cause of what is causing what you have named.

Pain in my throat, Deep Six. Instantly those in spirit begin energy transformation what will open doors to new possibility of help for you. That may include using some of the tools you have in your own medicine bag.

We, your Healing Fire Tenders, want you to know. It has been our honor to spend these last three months with you.

Deep Six Healing Declaration

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