Laura T

January 8th, 2018 | Full size: 1673 × 1758

I’ve been facilitating local Circles in and around New York City, monthly for more than 23 years. For me, it’s a calling. It’s a sharing in the feminine heartbeat. I know we are healthier, happier and more stable in our individual lives because we gather. This is what GTW does globally!
I truly am not sure if GTW found me or I found them. Either way, I am honored and humbled at this organism (I use this term because GTW is a living organization) that continues to maintain the sacred space for womyn around the world to gather together for healing, expression, dance, tears, laughter and love. It’s what the world needs now.
As Secretary for GTW my duties are keeping the minutes of the Conveners Circle and maintaining the records and the correspondence of the Conveners. I’ll be participating in all decisions made for this soul filled organism while exercising all duties incident to the office of Secretary. For me, the words ‘job’ or ‘title’ carry no burden. Instead I am passionately called to perform these duties joyfully and with pleasure.

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