GTW Covenant of Leadership

This Covenant was developed by the GTW Conveners Circle to describe the core principles and practices which will guide our work together.

  1. We will dedicate ourselves to the belief that each of us is enough right now.
  2. We will create containers that practice the form and principles of Circle, with a focus on shared leadership, shared responsibility, and shared deep listening, while evoking spirit.
  3. We will be honest and share what is true about our thoughts and feelings.
  4. We will aspire to be impeccable with our word, to do our very best, to take nothing for granted and to suspend our assumptions.
  5. We will serve holistically–mind, body, spirit, and heart.
  6. We will show gratitude and affirm each other and each women who participants in GTW.
  7. We will offer freely the abilities and skills that we possess and serve from a place of shared competency.
  8. We will serve as a global example of inclusivity, interdependence and diversity – valuing, appreciating and honoring all expressions of humanity and spirituality.
  9. We will dedicate ourselves to showing up fully, passionate in our readiness to serve.
  10. Our greatest value will be creating a place where all women can gather with the assurance their gifts will be honored.